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Have you ever been in a place in life where you were so happy, a place of bliss and a place where everything is going perfect, then, all of a sudden stuff comes up… feelings and emotions from past events? And you find yourself drowning in a sea of your negative thoughts? Well, there is a perfectly good reason for it…

We store emotions and thoughts when we experience pain that we find difficult to deal with. We therefore repress them until we are ready to let go of them.

The prime directive of our unconscious mind is to let experiences go, not hang-on to them, however, when we cannot deal with them at the time, we repress them. These emotions that we repress will show up as a block in our neural pathways within our nervous system.

When we are in a happy place in life, when all is going well for us, we are in a place of flow, a place of non-resistance then this is when our stuff comes up, when we are ready or are in a state to deal with them.

Whilst, at the time, it does not feel pleasing, it is a good thing in that it’s stuff that is leaving us… it was repressed emotions or feelings from our past, and now that we’re being non-resistant, it has naturally surfaced, and is on its way out…and once it has left us, the repressed emotions will be gone and can no longer linger within us to manifest into anything further. Repressed emotions can work anywhere into our physical bodies depending on our focus and how we speak about ourselves. Emotions that are repressed for a long time are the emotions that normally cause physical illness. It is the mind-body connection; health is a state of mind!

‘Our immune cells are constantly eavesdropping on our internal dialogue’ – Deepak Chopra.

Our immune system is constantly responding to the pictures, sounds, feelings, smells and tastes that we hold in our mind.

Our unconscious mind likes instructions; therefore, it is important to be conscious of the words we use and the pictures or the meaning of our language.

‘Emotions operate on many levels. They have a physical aspect as well as a psychological aspect. Emotions bridge thought, feeling, and action – they operate in every part of a person, they affect many aspects of a person, and the person affects many aspects of the emotions.’ – John D. (Jack) Mayer

How do people avoid feeling their emotions?
• They ignore their feelings
• They pretend that nothing has happened
• They keep themselves really busy
• They overeat and/or drink in excess
• They exercise compulsively

What are the symptoms of repressed emotions?
• Losing control of your emotions
• Not talking about your emotions
• Pretending that things don’t matter when they really do
• Feeling a knot in your stomach or tightness in your throat
• Hanging on to anger
• Avoid talking about yourself
• Problems with relationships
• No ambition or motivation
• Victim attitude
• Fatigue
• Depressed without a reason
• Difficulty accepting yourself and others
• Laughing on the outside, while crying on the inside
Self-awareness is the key to release your repressed emotions.

How to release repressed emotions?
• Don’t fight your emotions, embrace them and take the learning’s
• Use Choming Essences, they are very powerful to help transmute many emotions
• Decide how to respond to your emotions and create a plan to be prepared on how to deal with them (own your feelings)
• Stand in your truth to release your emotions; you may need to speak to a person about how they made you feel, although no one can make you feel anything unless you choose to feel it
• Be responsible for your emotions, you created them, no need to punish yourself, find a way to change your beliefs or thoughts
• Detach yourself from your emotions and imagine if you were standing in the other persons shoes or a fly on a wall, how do you see, hear or feel about the situation
• Know your fears which are causing your repressed emotions, is it fear about money, death, suffering or losing something or someone
• Using visualisation techniques to change the picture or the meaning you have given your repressed emotion, to be able to release it
• Meditation, yoga and massages are a great way to transmute your repressed emotions out of your mental and physical body
• Forgiveness is very important to release resentment and anger, find a way to forgive to free yourself of your repressed emotions
• Focus on the positive things in life, focus on your goals rather than get stuck in a rut, this will help shift your perspective on how you view life.

‘Emotions are human beings’ warning systems as to what is really going on around them. Emotions are our most reliable indicators of how things are going on in our lives. Emotions help keep us on the right track by making sure that we are led by more than the mental/ intellectual faculties of thought, perception, reason, memory.’ – Dr. Maurice Elias

So… the next time your stuff comes up, remember, it’s a good thing, it means your unconscious mind is ready to let go. As soon as this happens you will feel physical shifts as your emotional blocks disappear.