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Meet Catherine


Catherine Plano, Ph.D.


Hello, my name is Catherine Plano. And I am here to help you tap into your greatest potential.

I’m guessing you’ve reached this place because you are looking for guidance. Well, then, how may I serve you? What are you seeking?

In this day and age, the world is crying out for leaders. We need more authentic leaders to truly make a difference. In essence, to stand in your truth is to be a leader. Leadership is defined by the way you think and the way you behave. This, my dearest, is a game-changer.

I know exactly what is getting in your way and holding you back from becoming an incredible leader.

It all starts with you.

My mission is to help as many individuals like you to transform and create a vibrant, fulfilling life by tapping into their superpowers, finding the leader within and drawing on their greatest assets to bring out their fullest possible potential.

It’s time we all stepped up and developed the mindset of a leader. All of us.

We all play different roles as a leader in many different areas of our lives. Think about the role of mums and dads at home, teaching toddlers to walk and talk. Or teenagers, organising the school social or captains of sports teams.

We tend to think of ‘leaders’ as being part of the workforce, or part of the political sphere. However, there are leaders everywhere, woven into every fibre that makes up the fabric of our society. Our inner leader shows up most when we are composed, focused, driven by inspiration, when we motivate those around us with our passion and our enthusiasm.

I believe that traditional paradigms of leadership are outdated and no longer suited for today’s high-paced, tech-savvy environments. We are at the cutting edge of new models of leadership that are changing the world for the better, growing corporations to new heights and creating healthier lives for all of us.

There is a real science and an alchemy approach to leadership. I have learned so much along my journey in leadership over the 25 years working with corporations and running my own company, and I am still learning. This is why I share my wisdom and those ‘aha’ moments and insights through my books, blogs, podcast, programmes and workshops.

You have the potential, my dearest, to expand beyond your wildest dreams.

Why not make a life, not just a living? Why ever settle for second best?

Don’t just survive. It’s time to thrive. Your inner leader awaits.


My Story

Mine is the classic make-it-or-break-it-in-the-Big-Apple story.

I was a highflying, high profile executive working in New York City. I’d been juggling motherhood and executivehood for more than a decade. Neither left me any time for anything else.

My life was a pressure cooker and the only way I could cope was to keep blindly hurtling through it. I was, without realising it, hurtling at full speed away from everything I needed to keep me grounded – my very own sense of self.

Perhaps not surprisingly, I crashed and burned. I suffered physical, emotional and psychological burnout, collapsing spectacularly on a footpath, gasping for air. I was terrified. I broke the heel of my shoe. The contents of my handbag spilled everywhere and I had to place my trust in a city full of strangers to get help.

I returned home to Melbourne shortly after, exhausted, wounded and so fearful – so terrified – of another public breakdown that I lived like a hermit for 6 months.

And then I began to heal.

I began to do the work I needed to do to find myself again. Along the way, I had an extraordinary breakthrough. I began to see anxiety and panic attacks for what they really are: deception, mistrust, worthlessness, denial and depletion. In short, the sort of neuroses that leads to workaholism and busyness for busyness’ sake.

If there was an ‘aha’ moment for me, this was it. I decided to make some adjustments in my life, which included a career change. With a very personal interest helping leaders to manage all of the commitments they have – parenthood, work, caring for relatives and sustaining fulfilling personal relationships – I became a transformational coach.

I work with current and future leaders one-on-one, using the science of neurolinguistics. With my own personal experience to draw from, I help individuals to reconnect with themselves. It’s only once we are able to re-establish this connection and work completely with our hearts and minds that we can make the changes required to live meaningful, authentic, enjoyable lives.

My personal mission is to be a guiding light and a pathway to wisdom for the curious leader. It’s to help individuals take back control of their work and lives, bringing a little magic, spirit and soul with useful tools for merging the new age, quantum physics, metaphysics and science back into our day-to-day dealings as entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, executives, leaders and businesses.


Professional Bio

Catherine is known in her community as an innovative leader and creative entrepreneur who specialises in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. She is passionate about assisting others to reach their highest ambitions and live a life that is rich and fulfilling.

She is a strong advocate and a leader by nature. Catherine thinks BIG, encourages possibilities, honours individual wisdom and strengths, and is valued for helping leaders build stronger and more effective teams that come to think strategically and engage in meaningful conversations that allow for reflection, change and growth.

Catherine is an International Keynote Speaker and Executive Coach, Leadership Development Professional, Queen of Transformation, a Creative Soul Adventurer, a Theorist and Provocateur of Change and an Agent of Philosophy.

Catherine has dedicated her entire life to helping others transform their own lives into greatness. Her experience includes more than two decades of working with renowned companies and touching 100,000 lives through spiritual and mental reinvention.

Catherine continues her mission by aiding companies and individuals in becoming aware of their limitless potential and using their extraordinary abilities to achieve their desired outcomes. She changes lives daily through working with international teams, executives, businesses and individuals from all walks of life, and inspiring as a motivational speaker.

Catherine possesses the knowledge and resources necessary to make a long-lasting difference in hundreds of thousands of lives to come. With over two decades worth of experience in brain-based leadership and behavioural neurolinguistics – the neural mechanism in the human brain – Catherine helps leaders build stronger and more effective teams. She has accumulated over 30 years of exploring, researching and teaching metaphysics and has received notable certifications issued by prominent organisations from all over the world.

Catherine believes that the more people we help tap into their potential power, the more the population will become awake to a consciousness shift towards the global mindset for the betterment of all humankind.