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Catherine has received a huge amount of praise from satisfied clients across the globe. If you’d like more information about her personal or professional development services, please do get in touch.

‘Life changing is an accurate description of this Train Your Brain program/coaching. I want others to experience this…I really do… and here’s why, since doing this program, I’ve “taken control of my life”…something that I’d heard of and thought that I understood. But now, I am, on a daily basis experiencing that control, and I have to say…it’s far bigger and more interesting than I even dared to dream about. I have grown and learnt so much by using the techniques taught to me by Catherine, whom I must say has the patience of a Saint, and the genuine care of one too. I have become so aware of my feelings and thoughts, and in using the tools given; I have been creating a joyful life experience… I really am joyful now…in that joy is the prominent emotion in my day to day and I used to be one that was filled with worries and took life very seriously. I just don’t fit that mold anymore; I am genuinely happy in life now… and the interesting thing is watching how it’s made an effect on areas in my life that I was not even consciously trying to make better. I feel it in my body…and I see it in my face…I look in the mirror and I see a beauty that I didn’t see before…it seems like my eyes are smiling and my face carries a light, joyful expression. I have let go of “things” that served me no purpose and quite frankly, drained me… But I have really let them go… not just for a day or week…but consistently for over a month, and that’s just the new shape that I’ve taken now…without those things. I love the new me, and I love life in a new way. I am happy. I feel alive and excited about what I will next focus on creating. Life has really become fun! I am grateful and very thankful to Catherine for having guided me to this new place in life. I cannot recommend this work highly enough…wherever you are in life; what ever age…if you want something (anything or everything) to be better, this is the place to go, seriously. Thank you Catherine, your ever-grateful student.’

Rachel Forrest

‘Catherine is an inspirational and motivational coach who challenged me to realise my full potential in all areas of my life. Catherine challenged me to set life and career goals that were at the cutting edge of my competence, which has helped me enormously to have the courage to achieve my outcomes. The support, encouragement, inspiration and self-belief helped me realise that I can achieve anything; it is only me that is getting in the way of what I want.’

Richard Thomas

‘While being a charismatic and inspiring person, Catherine truly understands and help define the bigger picture of my goals, which was broken down step by step on what I needed to achieve each day, always giving me practical and insightful advice towards my goals, I felt like I was really taking charge of my life.I would highly recommend Catherine as a life coach to support, mentor and inspire you on your life journey.’

Martin Jones

‘I asked Catherine to conduct a half-day workshop for my sales team; it not only reinforced key sales techniques, but also presented a variety of strategies that we can use immediately to improve our sales results. Catherine’s approach was relaxed and engaging, she managed to get everyone involved during the session. I was very impressed, well and truly beyond my expectations.’

Danielle Taylor

‘INSPIRING is the first word that comes to mind; something very big has been happening with my world and me since I have been working with Catherine. I have had massive shifts in all areas of my life. I didn’t realise the power that we all possess, the things we can create for ourselves and the things we can manifest into our reality. Catherine is truly remarkable, inspiring, compassionate, motivating and caring. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Catherine; every week is a new adventure. Thank you so very much Catherine, you have really changed the way I look at life, you have been thought provoking and very enjoyable to work with. I look forward to working with you in my next chapter of my life. Anyone who is looking for a change, a shift or if you just feel stuck, I guarantee from my experience, Catherine will help you get to where you want to get to.’

Andrew Parker

‘There is something very special about Catherine, her style and approach, particularly her perceptiveness and understanding to get the right results. I started working with Catherine two months ago, back then my life had no purpose, I wasn’t passionate about anything, I had just gone through a divorce, I felt stuck, helpless, lost and confused about my life. A friend recommended that I see Catherine and within the first month of doing this new brain program, my life has turned the corner, I am excited about life, I am passionate about my future, I am confident and in control of my day to day tasks. I am in my third month with Catherine now, words cannot describe the shift that has occurred and continue to unfold. I highly recommend Catherine as your coach, mentor, teacher and confidant.’

Donna Turner

‘I would highly recommend the leadership program without hesitation to anyone involved in sales and customer service. The material was relevant, delivery was excellent, it was easy to understand and the role-playing provided a fun way to practice and apply the knowledge.’

Barbara Kane

‘Thank you Catherine for your wonderful support in helping me get my business set up, it was a very stressful time for me and you helped me focus on all the positive things in my life, rather than dwell on the negatives. I was such in a dark place; I feel like a different person since working with you, I feel inspired, positive, confident and really in control. You helped me through some very difficult issues that I was having with my family at the time, everything seemed so unbearable but you had a way to break my problems down into small chunks so that they appeared smaller and suggested strategies on how to deal with them on a daily basis. Thank you for your wealth of knowledge that you have shared with me. Thank you for all your support during my journey towards self-awareness and personal growth.’

Michelle Gregory

‘This workshop was new and very refreshing, a lot of the information related directly to our work environment and helped me understand what I can do differently to achieve better results. I have already benefited from the techniques you presented. I have reached my monthly target in just one week as a result of your program, thank you!.’

Steve Morris

‘Catherine’s coaching style is very caring, motivating, insightful and very direct. I believe this is what sets her apart from other coaches, she cares deeply about people she works with and all of her suggestions and approaches are all about bringing out the best in her clients. Working with Catherine is a pleasure and very beneficial, not only for my business but with my personal life.’

Lisa Norton

‘I would highly recommend Catherine as a life and business coach. She is an entrepreneur at heart, so she can fully understand and guide you in coaching your business and life. She is compassionate and caring so in working with Catherine you fully feel that she is right there with you wanting you to succeed and encouraging you to manifest your dreams. She is a wonderful person to have in my life, thank you Catherine.’

Sally Pearce

‘Thank you Catherine for catering for our needs as an organisation that is heavily involved in customer service. The workshop you provided for our staff was tailored specifically for our company, dealing with issues and opportunities we encounter daily.’

Aaron Matthews

‘Thank you for showing us a new sales direction, that we can apply when it comes to selling and customer service. The new techniques you shared with us is priceless, the role-playing was fun, we got to put it into practice. The techniques and the power of reading and listening to our customers were profound. I can’t wait to put everything into practice and increase my sales volume, while enjoying what I do.’

Alan Miller

‘Working with Catherine was a real joy and a very motivating experience. Catherine is an effective and knowledgeable sales coach. I always felt that we had great rapport and that I could accomplish any goals I set for myself. She was completely professional and helped me increase my sales. I would highly recommend Catherine to anyone that is looking at increasing the effectiveness of his or her sales force.’

Karen Shaw

‘I highly recommend Catherine as an executive coach; her unique ability to recognise, understand and explain complex business relationships has revolutionised my thinking and most importantly, my actions. During our work together there were some painful moments and very surprising personal realisations. Working with Catherine continues to make me a better person every day, both at work and at home. Catherine has a tactful way at being direct in pointing out the areas that needed to be considered in a different way, and proved to be right all the time with her observations, opinions, and suggestions.’

Gary Webb

‘Since attending your workshop, I have had several opportunities to put the techniques into practice as a Sales Manager. What excellent techniques!! Your attention to detail and understanding of the environment we work in were exceptional. Thank you so much for your presentation, it was engaging, fun and enjoyable.’

Adam Howard

‘I would highly recommend the leadership program, especially if you are in the retail industry. The program was awesome! It was interactive, practical and the time went so fast that I didn’t realise how much I was actually learning! I am very excited about getting back on the floor and applying all the concepts and sharing them with my staff.’

Carl Olsen

‘Catherine’s coaching was invaluable. I learned to identify the barriers and key performance issues that have been holding me back. Catherine was incredibly skilled at asking the tough questions that helped me see things from a different perspective, and she then held me accountable for achieving my goals. Catherine is not only challenging and insightful, but also patient and understanding, with remarkable instincts and knowledge. She brings a rare combination of business and life coaching, with unique perspectives and listening skills. Her coaching style is a perfect fit for any business leader who wants to perform at a higher level. The skills and concepts I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my career.’

Michael Fowler

‘Thank you for a fantastic program! I have received nothing but extremely positive feedback, we are already putting the skills and tools to use and have benefited across the board. Clearly there was something of value for all of the attendees and tools available to improve performance that each of us can learn to apply.’

C. D. Raymond

‘Working with Catherine is the best investment I have made towards my new line of work. If you truly want to be challenged by someone who really cares about you as a whole person, then choose Catherine. Working with her will ignite a fire of passion in you to achieve your dreams for both personal and career goals!.’

Margaret Davis

‘Even though I have 16 years of retail experience, you presented a new way of looking at customer service. I will enjoy selling and interacting with clients needs; this program is really worth the time. This is a style of selling that I can actually apply because it’s based on customer service and honesty. I can feel good knowing that I am helping my customers. Thank you Catherine for your energy and commitment.’

Kathryn McMillan

‘Catherine Plano has changed my life. Catherine delivers direct and tangible results that helped me to be motivated and driven in all areas of my life. Her energy, commitment and effectiveness have enabled me to establish a meaningful direction and successful attitude towards my life. I am grateful for her keen insight, laser focus and brilliant strategy for uncovering my creative energy. I have less physical and mental clutter than ever.’

Robert Dawson

‘Catherine I can’t thank you enough for the guidance you gave me, working with you gave me the confidence to just ‘go for it.’ I wouldn’t be where I am today with out your support, encouragement and guidance. I am really excited of my next creation, I feel very empowered to now conquer the world!’

Kathryn Drew

‘This workshop is invaluable; it is definitely value for money. I would highly recommend that everyone should do this, teenagers, parents, teachers; this is really life changing stuff. Thank you!’

Patricia Lowe

‘Catherine you are very passionate about what you do… you truly know what you are talking about. If I did not get your help, I would most likely have no clue as to what I would want to do and I would be drifting around aimlessly doing things that I didn’t want to do. I now know where I am going, I have direction and I am happier for it. I was in good hands and could trust you. You were very effective and very professional. You were a great influence on me and I have gained a tremendous amount after having worked with you.’

Kevin Roberts

‘I benefited from changes I was able to make during the course exercises and was very impressed by the shifts that took place there and then, right in front of my eyes. Thank you Catherine for your compassion and caring nature towards us, you are truly an inspiration and a wonderful person.’

J. Wallis

‘Working with Catherine has not only invigorated our sales force, but it has taught us what it means to be a successful salesperson, regardless of what field you are in. Catherine’s ability to identify the specific areas of skill gap and build a program that directly addressed those gaps is unmatched in my training experience.’

Andrea Williams

‘Catherine, with you I felt at ease immediately, you have a way of making an individual feel like they are able to achieve anything that they desire in this lifetime. You were direct but gentle with me by pointing out the patterns that were occurring in my life over and over again, as you said, if we always do the same things over and over, we will always have the same results. I am thankful for your direction, support and for putting me back on track to a path of no more resistance. I know now that I have the tools to change any area of my life and have the knowledge to be in touch with my emotions so to align me with my purpose. Thank you Catherine!’

Daniel Feder

‘Catherine has inspired me to use alternative strategies to assist me in achieving what I want out of life. I have gained great awareness of the ingrained habits and limiting beliefs that were holding me back for so many years. I now feel in control of my life and ultimately I am the one that is creating the life that I lead. If you are feeling a lack of motivation, drive or maybe just want to be a better you, I recommend you to see Catherine, who has helped me clarify and reach my goals.’

Helen Reed

‘Catherine you have given me hope and inspiration to pursue my passion and my dream, you have assisted me in finding my strength and myself. You have helped me view the world in a positive way and helped me believe that it is possible to find out what your passion is. I thank you for your encouragement and support all of the way, you never doubted me.’

Christie M.

‘Thank you and your team for the workshop, I found in the workshop a vast and interesting amount of information and would like to now continue to increase my knowledge in this process, and would like to attend another workshop. Once again, thank you for making us all feel so welcome.’

J. Halter

‘Coaching with Catherine has been one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It is not very often where we make the time to be fully present with ourselves; to be aware of everything we are feeling and thinking. Catherine has provided me with the techniques to be present, to be conscious, to be mindful. She has also provided me with the tools and strategies to deal with the challenges life throws my way and work out what are the learnings from every situation instead of being a victim, these new strategies that I am now practicing have really helped me work out what I really want and to be aware of my internal conflicts that create blocks from achieving my desires. I have a new outlook on life; I live life with confidence, excitement and joy. I truly feel that my life is now abundant.’

Leanne Harris

‘This really has been life changing in many ways and on many levels. Personally it’s given me the tools I need to start my business. Personally, it’s helped me get rid of my limited beliefs and habits that did not serve me well. Thank you so very much for the content and the inspiring way you delivered it.’

Travis West

‘Catherine is an outstanding sales coach. Her personal experience working in sales for a decade gives her the credibility to command attention from both new and experienced sales executives. Catherine has helped several of my sales representative how to improve their performance significantly and I can highly recommend her work.’

Mr. J Hart

‘Catherine is a rare individual that was not only successful in sales but also possesses the ability to teach it from hands on approach. The only way I was going to invest money in this training was to see improved sales. Catherine was certainly successful in that regard. Without any reservation I can highly recommend Catherine for improving your sales volume.’

Paula Dowling

‘We engaged Catherine for our business 3 months ago; we wanted to work with someone who had sales experience and was established. Her creative, realistic and optimistic approach made it easy to work with her. We have gained so much knowledge and we are now very motivation and inspired, with these new methodologies that we can apply to increase our sales.’

Scott White

‘It has given me a deeper understanding of the human. The mind and everything we do. This should be taught in schools. Thanks heaps!’

Joanne Rhodes

‘Train Your Brain workshop was excellent! Catherine has energy, confidence and uses examples effectively. I wish the session were longer as I could have used more of her insights.’

Helen Williams

‘Catherine’s preparedness, insight, empathy and dynamic speaking style ensured that our event was a rousing success. Her topic was timely; her presentation was thorough and easy to follow; and her inclusive activities spurred great conversation. I highly recommend Train Your Brain workshop.’

Tom Ray

‘Train Your Brain workshop was one of the most profound experiential workshops I have ever participated in. This workshop gave me invaluable tools, as I was taught how to properly design and employ positive affirmations to attract that which I desire into my life. This experience truly has empowered me as an individual.’

Francis Robin

‘This course has helped me figure out my path and I know once I complete my 30-day action plan, I am going to earn my desired income that I have been wanting for so many years. I feel fantastic, thank you guys for your inspiration.’

Vince T

‘Thank you for your dedication to the students. All of our guys really enjoyed this workshop; they came back to work very excited about what they had learned and are always eager to incorporate that knowledge into practice. They all came back with such motivation and determination, which was nice to see for a change.’

John Pierce

‘The workshop was very informative to one that had not been exposed to any level of coaching, let alone how to transform and empower one’s life. I commend you and your organization with the overall workshop; keep up the good work! I would have no reservations in recommending this workshop if anyone that is looking for change.’

Guy Franklin

‘It has been truly an awesome day; I have learned a great range of tools to take charge of my life-changing outcomes. Thank you for making us aware of our own power we each hold in that head of ours. Looking forward to doing some more work with you guys.’

Sarah Miller

‘I have gained a greater understanding of human life. Catherine’s knowledge is amazing; this is the type of stuff that everybody should know. Everybody should have a basic knowledge of this! This stuff should be taught in schools!’

John Turner

‘This workshop was really well organized. Catherine is a great presenter and very competent. I had lots of fun and definitely will be looking forward to doing more work with you.’

J. Bellamy

‘This was a very insightful experience. The principles are powerful ways to understand how much control we do have over everything around us; our minds are an amazingly powerful tool, if only we allow ourselves to stop and be aware of the old programs that run unconsciously. By applying these principles to our different situations, the results can be very impactful.’

James Keys

‘While working with Catherine Plano to design a leadership program for our student leaders, Catherine was in constant contact and was flexible in creating a program that suited our students needs and our aims of the day. On the day Catherine and her team made the students feel comfortable and at ease assisting them to participate fully in program. Catherine is extremely professional not only while delivering her programs but also in the planning prior to the day. Her flexibility to create sessions based around our needs made the day run smoothly and help the students gain the most in improving their leadership skills. Thanks for all the hard work!’

Carly Randle

‘The advice that Catherine offered our business was professional and more than what we expected, we are so happy to have found her. One of the hardest things I found was to manage myself but more importantly how to manage others and our business. Working together, we were able to come up with creative ideas that were easy to embed into the business and can see immediate results.’

Francisca M.

‘The tools and techniques that Catherine taught me have been extremely effective in addressing my needs, and they have freed my mind up to be more productive and creative, ultimately helping me in business and in life. Thank you Catherine!’

Tracy Hall

‘The leadership program you ran for us was really about building, developing and applying more effective leadership skills. We are now equipped with better self-awareness to lead our teams to be effective in their decision making and responses they make based on purposeful objectives, rather than decisions made out of emotions or unconscious thinking. Thank you Catherine for your energy and professionalism.’

Kath Ryan

‘Thank you Catherine for sharing your experience and wealth of knowledge, I found you inspiring and motivating. Really got me thinking differently, extremely effective personal and professional leadership development.’

Olivia White

‘Catherine I would like to thank you for the success of your program it has been phenomenal. The executive development and coaching programs has really helped us identify and create the right corporate culture for us. Thank you for providing us many hours of your time with your unique and powerful leadership development programs.’

Natalie Wells

‘I personally would like to thank you for your leadership program, it has definitely had a massive impact on how I go about my day to day activities, I am a stronger leader, I have improved my communication skills, I now have the tools to engage my team to work towards the same vision. So much of my success can be attributed to the skills you have taught me, and the tools to deal with the diversity within my team. THANK YOU!’

Joanne Wood

‘The tools and insights I have picked up from Catherine have been incredibly valuable to my organisation and me. Catherine’s program was a unique opportunity to reflect and focus on what will create the most leverage in my life and business.’

Kylie Ford

‘Catherine Plano has really opened my eyes to a completely different way to lead and motivate, individuals. It made so much sense that we get stuck in our old ways of doing things, if we want to change, it starts with me and my team will follow. I can’t recommend you enough, I think you are way ahead of your time, if we had engaged you two years ago, we would be on a different path. Thank you for your passion and energy.’

Linda Hall

‘The leadership program was extremely inspiring and applicable to any part of our life, not just work. Very empowering, the presentation was a strong motivator, great ideas and insightful information that we can use immediately in the business and with our teams. The part that I enjoyed the most is when you spoke about being driven by a passion and purpose, that really resonates within me, thank you.’

Veronica Chow