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Shifts Only Happen Once You Own Your Sh!t

How to make the unconscious conscious and move from victim to creator...

We get stuck in our ways of thinking, our ways of working, and our ways of reliving the past. We get addicted to our stories, our old programs, and our old patterns—a different person, a different job or a different year but the same sh!t.

All transformation is an inside job…

You will learn how to amplify your awareness of self and others. Mastering how to navigate life changes, make informed decisions, revitalise your creativity and develop strategies are all part of the process. The results? Your dreams, goals and aspirations will blossom to life with your newfound resources and knowledge.

Hard as it may seem now, you will find clarity in chaos. This is your guide to total transformation.

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All transformation is an inside job...

Why is My Sh!t Coming Up?

Have you ever been in a place in life where you were so happy, a place of bliss and a place where everything is going perfect, then, all of a sudden sh!t comes up… feelings and emotions from past events? And you find yourself drowning in a sea of negative thoughts? Well, there is a perfectly good reason for it…

We store emotions and thoughts when we experience pain that we find difficult to deal with. We, therefore, repress them until we are ready to let go of them.

The prime directive of our unconscious mind is to let experiences go, not hang on to them, however, when we cannot deal with them at the time, we repress them. These emotions that we repress will show up as a block in our neural pathways within our nervous system.

When we are in a happy place in life when all is going well for us, we are in a place of flow, a place of non-resistance then this is when our sh!t comes up when we are ready or are in a state to deal with them.

Finding patterns is the key to wisdom…

If you take a moment to look at your repeating patterns, they are very evident. It may be in a different timeline, with a different person, at a different place, but the same sh!t keeps cropping up. How often have you found yourself in such a predicament?

The power of finding your repeating patterns in your life is so ever empowering because once you see it—it is ever so hard not to see it again.

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Finding patterns is the key to wisdom

Perception equals projection…

The last and probably the hardest thing to accept and admit is our projections. We are always—and I do mean always—projecting our sh!t, issues, and frustration onto others. It is the stuff that we dislike, disown, and disapprove of in ourselves.

Rather than own it and work with it, it is so much easier to point the finger and blame everything external to ourselves. What we don’t realise is this: when we are pointing a finger at another, we have three pointing right back at us. Now, what is that telling you?

We often project our shadows (which come in the form of our repressed anger, guilt, shame, and other things we don’t like about ourselves) onto others. We criticise, chastise, and lash out at people for their behaviours that we don’t like in ourselves.

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Our lives are a perfect reflection of our beliefs...

Indeed, our beliefs are ingrained within us. Their roots are deep. But we have the power to break unhealthy patterns and retrain our brains. It just takes a little awareness and action. As humans, we tend to think that our beliefs are based on reality. However, beliefs are delusions. Assumptions. They are not real. known or not known.

We have come to understand that it is our unconscious mind that creates our reality. It runs the show when we are not being ‘present’ and ‘mindful’ in our own lives. We have also come to learn that our beliefs govern our experiences. The beliefs that we hold to be true, precious, and important become our identity, reflecting who we are and how we live our lives. Life responds to demand. In order to demand, we have to know what we want. Otherwise, life will draw us to all the things that are associated with our beliefs. This is how we create our lives.

You are the director and producer of your life story…

Because we cannot see our shadow, we might liken it to ‘the unconscious mind’. It is not apparent or evident, and we are largely unaware of its existence. And yet, it is our unconscious mind that controls 95% of our lives.

Likewise, our conscious mind is akin to the light because we can see it clearly and are aware of it. Think of your unconscious mind as the writer, the screenwriter and the author and your conscious mind as the editor, proofreader and evaluator.

You must see the program to reprogram it. But how do we become aware of our programming? When you pay attention, you will realise that the world you see first reveals your unconscious personality. Your triggers, responses and reactions will give you a hint as to your unconscious programs.

With this in mind, you will be able to address your triggers, banish your inner critic, handle any imposter syndrome and subsequent self-sabotaging behaviours that are standing in the way of your success. It’s time to reclaim your power, be your authentic self without giving a sh!t about what others may be thinking of you.

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