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What is the art of allowing?

When you feel negative emotions whether it’s anger, fear or frustration, that is a sign that you are in a place of not allowing or in a state of resistance. When you are feeling positive emotions such as happiness, enthusiasm and passion, then you are in a state of allowing or non-resistance.

There is only the natural flow of goodness, be it wellness, abundance and joy. At any one time, you are either going with the flow or resisting the flow.

Use your emotions as your guidance to indicate if you are in a place of allowing (experiencing pleasant feelings) or not allowing (feeling unpleasant).

Why is this important?

Put simply, if you are in a state of not allowing, you are going against the flow, let me give you an example…

Let’s say you set yourself a goal to go overseas for two months and you haven’t told your boss yet, as it is very busy right now and you feel that it wouldn’t be the best time to ask. So you plan to wait a little while. You have your heart set on going overseas no matter what, and all you think about is your goal. However, then as time goes by you are presented with opportunities that create conflict with your decision to go overseas, and no matter what, you keep your eye or focus on going overseas, ignoring all of these opportunities that present.

What starts to happen now is confusion about what to do. You realise that if you go overseas you would miss out on all of these opportunities, and so you start feeling anxious about your trip. Your mind and emotions are in conflict, pulling you in different directions.

Then worry or fear sets in, fear of the future and what it may bring, if you go… you are presented with a lack of possibilities and options.

The discomfort is an indication of resistance or being in a state of not allowing.

Rather than resisting, you decide to let it all go, you postpone your trip to the following year. Once you have accepted the change of plan, the tension is released. You start to feel a sense of relief, the anxiety subsides, you feel a weight lifting from your shoulders.

Now that you are feeling positive emotions again, you feel sure that you made the right decision. Everything starts to happen for you. More than you anticipated from a place of resistance, you are now presented with larger opportunities, things just happen, new doors open… you get a pay rise, you get promoted, you get the house of your dreams and so on.

Once you are in the flow or in a state of allowing, you create instantly, that’s why it is important.

So many of us have become accustomed to the feeling of resistance, so much so that we are not in touch with our emotions (our guidance system). It is with awareness of your emotions that you will be able to make the changes that you require, to get the outcomes you desire.  The only thing that you should focus on right now is how you are feeling, slow down, stop pushing so hard, relax, and allow yourself to naturally go with the flow.

Allowing is an essential aspect of life, growth, success and fulfillment, allowing has to do with accepting things as they are.

When you accept people, things and situations, without trying to fix them or change them and without judgment, you begin to really tap into the power of allowing. When you truly allow things and people to be exactly as they are, you open up the scope for real change and transformation to occur.

Allowing has to do with trust, patience and faith, that what you want to create and experience will show up in your life. You don’t have to push so hard or try to control other people or situations to make things happen.

It is about being in the present, practice the art of allowing once you have set your self a goal and if you feel resistance, acknowledge where the resistance or conflict is coming from and remain flexible, this in return will lead you to success and fulfillment.

What are you going to stop resisting and allow in your life today?

Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics – Albert Einstein