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Absolutely love this proverb … he who asks a question remains a fool for five minutes. He who does not ask remains a fool forever.

So … what makes a good question? All questions are good – they are the sign of a curious, seeking mind. So, it’s important to ask the right questions to get the answer you need.

Do you know the difference between a closed question and an open one?

Closed questions are usually framed in a way that means you’ll get a simple, one-dimensional answer. Open-ended questions, on the other hand, means that the respondent will be more likely to talk, and discuss, rather than simply provide an answer. In the olden days of sales training, open-ended questions were often called ‘high-gain’ questions because if framed well, they delivered the possibility of a potential client providing a lot of information – always useful for the sales process!

But have you ever thought of asking yourself an open-ended question?

Just for a moment, consider it…. Ask yourself a question that opens your thinking and drives an internal dialogue (and by that I do mean talking to yourself – you’ll be surprised at what you know!)

When we’re honest with ourselves, we can all admit to situations in life that we find stressful, or which make us anxious or frustrated! You know what? Half the time these knee-jerk reactions are driven by our unconscious mind and it’s not until we really sit with ourselves and talk … that we find out why we do the things we do, and the best way to work with ourselves to change this.

What if nothing exists and we are all in somebody’s dream?

You want to deep dive down the rabbit hole, you want to push beyond knowledge and skill and tap into that deeper part of your mind. Where all the answers are!!!

You see there is enough research out there now that explains how atoms are made up of much more empty space than matter. In fact, there is as much as ninety five percent of an atom that is empty space. Well … what the heck does that mean? The potential power that exists in the empty space of an atom is enormously greater than all of the energy that exists in its matter.

That empty space in an atom is actually ‘consciousness’ which is capable of vibrating at any frequency necessary to create any reality that one can imagine … all components of the atom that we call ‘matter’ are in a state known as ‘superposition’.

Wait, what?? Okay, it’s time to geek out on you.

When there is a wave of infinite possibility travelling from the future and there is a wave of infinite possibility traveling from the past, when these two collide with each other they create an interference pattern … this interference pattern is YOU in the present now. So … matter actually exists as a potential to be anything imaginable!!!!

The awakening of consciousness …

When consciousness vibrates at a distinct frequency … things of that same frequency show up in your ‘reality’. Yep, that’s right! Hence the power of the questions you ask!!

Let’s play this out … Think about the top three things that fill your mind’s empty space? Meaning, what kind of things preoccupy your mind? Write those down. Some examples might be the fear of not selling your home, the fear of you not succeeding at work, or the constant worry that you are not spending enough time with your family. Be honest … whatever you find your mind chewing over, wandering too in a quiet moment that’s the stuff.

Now consider, what kind of repeating questions are you asking yourself? And what kind of results are part of your reality?

What fills your empty space is your ‘consciousness’ – that is, the frequency you’re vibrating at that matches that very experience you are living … But – the great news is that this can be used to work in your favour!

The trick is this: Work out how to create your own consciousness. One that vibrates at the same frequency as the elements that make up your most captivating goals, desires or dreams of the life that you want to live. And then you’ll soon see these things turn up in your reality.

The quiet observer see’s the most …

 Quantum Physics explains that the ‘observer’ is the element that is needed to create consciousness to vibrate at the frequency necessary to create matter.

In science, the term ‘observer’ effect means that the act of observing will influence the phenomenon being observed. For example, for you to ‘see’ an electron, a photon must first interact with it, and this interaction will change the path of that electron. The observer must believe with every particle of one’s being that it’s possible. And that it believes that it can happen with conviction, and that the observer must be mentally present that such a pure ‘focus’ exists and that no other thought in the mind comes in to distract the observer. Much like being in the ‘zone’ or ‘flow’.

As human beings, quite the opposite happens. We tend to analyse everything rather than still our mind, and focus on asking the right questions … And the primary reason we don’t do this is because we don’t slow down long enough to give it time!  Yes, the mind wanders, yes, it takes discipline to concentrate, but it’s not impossible, it’s a matter of training your mind to focus well enough to create the frequency necessary to create your perfect reality!

Magic is something you make …

Now … you are probably sitting here going yes … but how? It’s quite simple. It’s about being ‘present’, and you can do that through mindfulness or meditation. Once your mind is focused intently enough and the level of ‘acceptance’ exists in every ounce of your being, then miracles are performed. This is how world athletes get into the ‘zone’ –  where everything around them slows down, where they are able to masterfully perform at a level far beyond their usual abilities. This is how they create magic!!

You too have the power by practising being ‘present’ and be ‘specific’ with your intent to create your reality by asking the right questions, and not having an ounce of doubt in your mind of your potential and possibilities. And, the stronger your level of ‘acceptance’ the quicker you’ll be able to change the frequency of vibration in the necessary atoms that will eventually result in the creation of your dreams.

When this happens, whatever matches the frequency of vibration begins to show up in your world. And remember – your attitude is everything. When your attitude changes, everything changes. Be silent enough to see what is going on around you… Do you like what you see?

Remember: If the world is not quite what you want as your reality, then you know what to do.