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“Imagination is everything… it is a preview for life’s coming attraction” – Albert Einstein

Wherever I go, I am attracting wealth and prosperity in unlimited abundance!

This is not the first time you will have heard of the idea of manifesting, the concept of being able to bring into your life everything that you desire, no matter what it is.

People who understand how manifesting works and who practice it on a regular basis will tell you that it’s for real. Not voodoo.

To understand the idea of manifesting is to understand the law of attraction: the premise that like attracts like. Essentially, this means that if you think negatively, that’s what you’ll attract. But by thinking positively, positive things are what you will receive.

Law of vibration and attraction…

You, my friend, are a magnet. Everything you are thinking, feeling or being is being transmitted to the world around you. Because everything else has energy and is affected by your energy, what you send out, you will receive back. According to the Law of Vibration and Attraction, what you focus on is what you will receive.

If we think a certain way, this is what we will see, then this is how we behave, so this is what you feel and the result will be exactly what you get. Whatever you feel, positive or negative, you are going to attract exactly that!

It is that simple. We human beings just have a tendency to make it complex. So, if you believe that you have an abundance of wealth, and that all you have to do is act and live as if you already have it, then it is coming your way.

Remember what the great Henry Ford said – Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right!

Nothing is too wonderful to happen…

In addition to that, I would always be ‘conscious’ about what I desire or want … something that I haven’t got in my possession. Let me give you an example, have you ever desired something like a new watch, Fitbit or car? When you had these strong emotions attached to your desire (fuelling your desire) what happened? Did you lose the item? Did you have an accident or did your car break down?

You see, the moment you have a strong desire, you are sending a message out to the universe and as the saying goes… ‘ask and you shall receive’. All you need to do the next time you have a ‘desire’ is to make sure you complete your desire with:

  • I will have this item when I choose it is the right time
  • I desire this item in the understanding that there will be no loss or damage to my existing item
  • As long as my desire doesn’t harm anyone or anything in the process.

You are not a physical being in a physical universe. You are a vibrational being in a vibrational universe. You are both a transmitter and a receiver of energy. One of our greatest challenge as a human being is learning how to live as a vibrational being in a vibrational universe.

Raise your vibration…

To be able to shift your vibration and manifest your desire, you have to think of yourself as a vibrational transmitter. You are constantly sending out signals that tell the universe who you are – at that very moment, and those signals will attract certain vibrational beings and experiences into your life.

In other words, if your energy radiates wealth and abundance then guess what? Your physical reality will reflect wealth and abundance for your physical being. As soon as you can accept that your vibrational self attracts compatible patterns, it becomes more apparent that if you want to experience something different in your life, you must somehow change the signals you are putting out.

And… the only way to do that, is to quiet your mind and tune into your inner being and listen to the ever-broadcasting radio station that is YOU! So… what types of signals are you broadcasting?