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Before you can master your business or life, you first must master your ‘mindset’.

I know you’ve probably heard this before, but I want to help you really understand what it means.

When you ‘free’ your mind, you ‘free’ yourself – to achieve the level of success you desire.

So… how do you master your mindset for success?

THINK BIG because when you do think ‘big’ – then guess what? You will get big!

And… when you make it so big, there is no room for thinking small. It’s all a mind game – what your mind can visualise and believe, it can achieve. It sounds quite simple, right?

So why then, do some of us experience the same outcomes, every time, just a different year? Because we don’t really believe. It’s that simple. Even though we shout positive manifestations…. They have no effect unless you believe them, deep in your bones.

But the good news is that we can make ourselves believe. Yes, really. And here’s how.

Since that greater part of our mind, the unconscious mind, speaks the language of pictures, then we first need a vision. And… a BIG vision because that will be your target at all times to check in to see if you are on track.

You can’t possibly know where you are going without a destination.

A mentor once said to me that if you don’t have a BIG vision, a big dream or a big audacious goal, then you will end up working really hard for someone who does…. Now that’s a big motivator right there!

Decision-making is the ultimate power…

So, once you have a clear vison, the next thing to keep in check is your decision-making process. The least amount of decisions that your brain has to make… the better. After all our brain capacity has limited amount of bandwidth, and having to make decisions is all ‘noise’ and ‘distraction’ you can do without.

President Obama had a very simplified wardrobe. Why? To eliminate the need to decisions about what he was going to wear. He had other – more important stuff to think about – and he knew that decision-making, whether big or small, is exhausting for the brain.

Our brain is like a muscle and when it gets depleted, it becomes less effective, depending on the size of the decision. Some individuals, go with their gut feelings and make prompt effective decisions, and more times than not are so in-tune with themselves and working this way, that they don’t ever feel like they made a bad choice.

Others, who like to have lots of information and research, and then have to sleep on it, digest the information, discuss it with others …. And then still find themselves confused.

If we overload our brain …it gets stuck. And then, like a piece of software that’s overloaded, it freezes.

The thing with decisions, is that there are always pros and cons, no matter what conclusion you reach, nothing is ever really ‘black and white’ … you just need to weigh up what’s the best outcome.

But if you have trouble making decisions, here are four insightful questions to ask yourself, when you are in a calm and relaxed state:

  • If I do X what will it ‘cost’ me?
  • If I do X what will I ‘gain’?
  • Is the ‘cost’ worth the ‘gain’?
  • Is it aligned with my vision?

(Hint: The last one is really important)

Don’t trade your authenticity for approval…

The role of ‘authenticity’ – we often hear that ‘authenticity’ is crucial for every entrepreneur, leader and individual but we never really hear about ‘why’ it’s so important. Authenticity ties into decision making.

Authenticity is not something we have or don’t have, it’s a collection of decisions and choices that we make every day.

Honesty is contagious, if you value being authentic, it’s not enough to just say you do… you need to show it! When you are being authentic, your tribe will want to stay with you, they will be loyal to you and engaged. No matter who comes knocking on their door.

Being yourself simply means talking to your tribe or team as if you are speaking to a friend. When you are being more YOU – the conversation flows and you are working with your own rhythm. You will be communicating from your heart, which is the number one form of connection.

This may all sound so simple, yet most of us find it so hard to be ourselves. Quite often when asked who would you like to be? 90% of entrepreneurs, leaders and individuals pick someone they aspire to be and try to be them.

Authenticity starts in your heart…

You know what? It takes up a lot of energy to be somebody else, so why not be YOU for a change.

Guaranteed you will worry less if you are being genuine and authentic. And, when you stop wearing or hiding behind a mask, you have more energy. Because pretending can be exhausting. What’s more, it takes up waaaaaay too much brain power.

So – be ‘authentic’. Get totally real with your beautiful self and set your sights on your goals – ensure they are big, and crystal clear. Then, decision-making will be a snap! Because you’ll know that each choice you have comes down to two things: Who you are and what you stand for, as well as what you’re trying to achieve.

And then, you’ll see, that by the end of 2018, you’ll have made a lot of headway towards creating your life – the perfect one for you. And no one else but you.