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Dreams are more real than reality itself.

It’s true. Dreams are the projections of your unfulfilled desires or the things that you need to do… They are important messages to guide you on your journey. You just have to know how to unscramble them …. And, I am not talking about how to analyse your dreams through a dream book.

What I’m talking about, is investing some time with you, to unpack your dream and get an understanding of what that greater part of your mind is communicating to you.

Dreaming is the communication between your conscious mind and your unconscious mind. Dreams are the bridge that allow us to step back and forth between what we think we know and what we really know.

Dreams are the key component to really understanding what the hell is going on with you and life. Dreams will reveal your deepest desires … and they will also reveal your deepest fears….

So, as you can see, there is an immense advantage in getting an understanding of what they are trying to communicate.

It always seems impossible until it’s done…

Because you are unique, only you can interpret the meaning of your dreams.

This starts by recording your dreams daily. You can invest in a dream journal, or use any old notebook, and ask your unconscious and conscious mind to recall your dreams every day so you can collaborate with them and know what you need to do as the next step on your path, getting you to where you want to go!

First, write out all of the elements of your dream and be as specific as possible. List: people, places, animals, buildings, etc. Take note of colours, or any particularly strong emotions, or if someone spoke a meaningful phrase to you. Record it all.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me that they don’t recall their dreams, but as soon as they put that journal and pen on the bedside table and set the ‘intention’ to record their dreams, Voila!! The floodgates of their unconscious mind opens up!

Because your unconscious mind speaks the language of pictures, this is a beautiful unfolding and discovery session.

Set a goal that makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning…

Now… the next step is to go through your list and write down what do they mean to you. For example, if I had a dream of having a baby, I may interpret the meaning as a new beginning, dependency on someone else to make things happen, a new project or nurturing myself… as you can see there is no right, nor wrong.

Go through each item, give them all a meaning. Trust yourself with this – you don’t need a dream dictionary because each symbol will have a different definition to you specifically. Just focus on what they mean to you.

As you go through each item, it could show up for you in a way that you’re not expecting. Using the example of the baby, if you have a strong feeling the ‘baby’ is you, then go with it.

Seeing other people in your dreams often is a reflection of different aspects of yourself, perhaps in relation to characteristics that need some attention or to be developed.

Specific people can directly relate to existing relationships or interpersonal issues that we may need to work through.

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams…

Once upon a time … I worked with a client who was very concerned about dreaming of death all of the time. When we unpacked what was really going on in her life, she was going through so much ‘change’. She had separated from her partner, moved house and was about to start a new role. So, as you can see, death can be the opposite to death itself… it could possibly mean the ‘end’ of an era, allowing for something new –  a new way of living, a new beginning and a new way of working.

It’s not until you unpack your dreams that you can see what is truly going on.

Allow your creative juices to flow … don’t judge what these dreams mean to you because you are the expert of your dreams and nobody else!

As you are analysing the symbols and circumstances in your dream, take note of how you feel – are you scared, angry, calm, excited? Take all of this into consideration. Because your emotions are the fuel to your dreams.

Only you can make you happy…

Emotions and feelings are like waves – you can’t stop them from coming, they are the ebb and flow of life, however, you can decide which ones to surf. Most of us suppress our emotions because we invest so much time at work and around others that we need to remain composed. Emotions in dreams can tell us a lot more of what is really going on for us at an unconscious level because we’re not masking them. They are genuinely authentic.

Sigmund Freud was ahead of his time, he said that every dream will reveal itself as a psychological structure, full of significance. Structure relates to what context your dream has in your life … where does it sit with aspects like your career, finance, health, money, family and friends, physical environment or personal development?

It’s important as you keep your journal to read over it from time to time and begin to see the sequences and messages and how they play out in your life. Not only is this fun … it’s interesting too, helping us to have greater access to, and trust in, our unconscious mind, and live our lives in a way that’s more in tune with who we are. This is why, my friends, you have to follow your dreams … they know the way!!!