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Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into – Wayne Dyer. 

It’s no secret that having an abundant mindset over a scarcity mindset is the radical shift that needs to take place to set you on your merry way. There is an abundance of research and articles nowadays that clearly states that the way you think about yourself and the world around you can drastically change what you manifest in your life and how you create success!

If this is new to you – then you may be thinking what the hell is Catherine talking about?? Let’s look at the difference between an abundant mindset in comparison to a scarcity mindset. If you have an abundant mindset you would be thinking there is always enough to go around, whereas the opposite of that mindset would be there is never enough to go around.

Most often you hear individuals think about how they can get by with less than expected, doing it on the ‘cheap’ … and this is very much a scarcity way of thinking, and we know where that ends up right? Double the amount of time and money than anticipated. Rather than coming from a mindset of how I can give more than expected, giving with an abundant mindset because you know there is always enough to go around.

No one has ever become poor from giving…

As you can see having a scarcity mindset can be harmful to the ‘self ‘and what you want to create – it can be quite destructive and disastrous to your outcomes, quite the opposite of what you have intended. However, fostering an abundant mindset will help you live a life with no limits, leaving you completely satisfied and empowered, that you are the creator of your own domain. Mistress of your own destiny!

Having this kind of mindset where there are ‘no limits’ nor boundaries to what you can create, will give you an explosion of happiness and days filled with sparkles …  despite the circumstances that present in your environment on a day to day basis.

… You feel plentiful, creative and inspired taking full advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way, creating memorable and meaningful moments in life.

So… you are probably saying to yourself YES PLEASE! I want some of that … but how do I get it?

Well, the first point of focus is your mindset of course!

You have to become aware of every thought you think. On any given day we can process up to 65,000 thoughts and the problem with that is for the most part, these thoughts aren’t particularly productive. We’re often dwelling in the past or projecting the future, obsessing about mistakes we might have made, battling with guilt, planning ahead or worrying.

Sometimes we drift into fantasy or fiction. But the alarming truth is that a lot of the time our thoughts are negative.

A negative mind will never give you a positive life…

Even with the scales tipped heavily towards ‘negative and unproductive thoughts’, most of us get through the day, the week, the year. We survive.

But imagine, just for a moment, the sheer possibility of our individual potential if we could turn things around in our heads to make sure that most of our thoughts were positive.

Cultivating mindfulness can help decipher whether your thoughts are creating a mindset of scarcity or of abundance. By taking time to notice what type of thoughts are circulating in your head, you can begin to make a conscious effort to shift your thoughts towards abundance.

At a basic scientific level, a thought is an electrical impulse which fires up the neurons in your brain. Neurons are brain cells – electrically excitable brain cells – that process and transmit information via our five senses. These impulses can also be triggered by our senses – what we see, hear, taste, touch or smell – as well as memories of our senses.

Your mind is a powerful manifestor…

Thoughts are often repetitive; and, because of the way we’re wired, the brain listens to everything we think. It hears everything we tell ourselves. When we say something to ourselves like: “Oh, I am hopeless at meeting new people and making new friends”, then we give the brain permission to search through its filing system, the archives that go back to our earliest memories, thoughts and actions. It will strive to find the proof, time and time again, to back up what we are telling ourselves.

Every thought produces a different brainwave frequency. Would you be surprised to discover that positive thoughts have higher frequencies – meaning they vibrate at a faster rate than negative thoughts?

From a scientific and metaphysical perspective, we are ‘beings’ made up of various energy levels that are produced from our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states. Positive thoughts result in a higher vibration. Essentially, this means that when we are operating on a higher vibration, we feel lighter, calmer, more energetic and happier. So, there are plenty of good reasons to want to master the technique of positive thinking.

The language you use, as well as what you tell yourself and others, shapes your reality. Are you telling stories of scarcity or stories of abundance?

A thankful heart is a happy heart…

However, the big shift will come from focusing on you. What you have. What you can change about your mindset and your life. Gratitude can help to shift your focus – helping you to see that you are okay as you are, and that you are amazing. You have everything you need right here, right now, and whatever comes your way is nothing that you can’t handle. And you’re in control. No one else is running this show but you.

Consistent gratitude and appreciation is an easy way to put an end to a scarcity mindset. When your abundance is measured by how deeply you feel abundant and how often you visit this feeling, then your experience of being wealthy is truly unstoppable. This is the most direct path to attract and magnetise financial freedom fast and abundantly to you in your outer world.

Gratitude is an appreciation of what you have; it is magnetic. The more gratitude you have, the more abundance you will attract.

Gratitude opens doors. To cultivate the habit of being grateful, you need to make a list so that you show gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness.

What are you grateful for today? Write down as many things that come to mind … and feel your emotions lift!