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To read the first piece in this two-part series on the unconscious and conscious minds, click here. 

Think of your unconscious mind as the writer, the screenwriter and the author and your conscious mind as the editor, proofreader and evaluator.

So, how do we become conscious of our programs?

See the program and reprogram

The world you see first reveals your unconscious personality. Your triggers, responses and the way you react will give you a hint into some of your unconscious programs.

Your unconscious mind is just a program and was designed to give you trials. The glory, grandeur and kingdom of the next life will be determined by the way you handle your trials in this life.

All past events, struggles and trials are stored in your body as living chemical memories at the moment they occurred. Each event is alive, awake and ready to manifest in you from anything and everything that can trigger these stored events.

Your unconscious mind can access all memories in the physical body as if they were its own. It’s the body-mind connection.

However, there is space between the trigger and response.

We have a choice.

We can pause, ponder and stay in the space between the two and change its meaning.

Your unconscious mind is a servant; it follows orders

Your conscious mind is the gatekeeper that monitors those orders, just like a firewall or a front door security guard.

Your unconscious mind does not differentiate between the physical or imagined reality. For the unconscious mind, everything is real.

As the patterns expand, they become ingrained habits that are harder to change. Therefore, reprogramming can take a good amount of time, patience and effort because all dominant thoughts become habits.

All habits are from the unconscious mind, including everything you think, feel, say, experience and operate automatically from habit.

Even more, your unconscious mind always misinterprets, distorts, falsifies, confuses, disorients, misinforms or reverses a message unless your conscious mind or another person helps you translate it correctly. For example, a mindset coach that can help you unravel the programs that you have been carrying around since your imprinting years.

It’s your conscious mind that determines the actions and your unconscious mind that determines the reactions.

And the reactions are just as important as the actions.

It has no sense of humour and takes everything literally

Your unconscious mind represses memories with unresolved negative emotions. These unacknowledged, overlooked and unrecognised stored memories affect your experience today.

Any time you feel strong guilt, shame, remorse, regret, resentment, fury, fears, doubt, unease, anger, anxiety, rage or depression, this is an opportunity to own and release these emotions that are buried in that deeper part of your unconscious mind.

The triggers are the clue to what is going on that you are not aware of. Even the words you use.

When you speak out loud, listen to the language you are using. More importantly, listen to your internal dialogue — the conversations you have with self.

That is where the true work begins.

Dreams are a royal road to the unconscious

So, if your unconscious mind speaks the language of symbols, pictures, images and metaphors, then the best thing to do is to direct it on what to do in the nighttime.

Never go to sleep without a request to your unconscious mind. Once your unconscious mind accepts an idea, it begins to execute it. It works all night on the last thought you have, which means that you should be attentive with what you pray for and visualise before going to sleep.

For example, if you want to resolve a problem, write it down so you can create a very clear picture in your mind. Hold on to that picture as long as you can before you go to sleep. Hand it over to your unconscious mind to resolve it because it never sleeps.

Keep a journal beside your bed. As soon as you open your eyes, write down anything and everything you remember, because right after you jump out of bed, your dreams or images that you hold in your unconscious mind will disappear.

It’s extremely important to record all your dreams, and this blog will show you how.

Choose to change

Another way to rewire your brain is by focusing on three things that you are grateful for, happy about or proud of. Create a daily habit of putting them on paper in a journal. Get some coloured pencils or markers and draw them out.

If you do this for 21 consecutive days, you are consciously creating a new habit that your unconscious mind can accept as a new program.

All in all, the key here is if you judge, dislike, resent or any of the emotions we spoke about, these are your triggers.

When you catch yourself, remember that you have a choice to change the meaning and start to break the programs that no longer serve you.