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Change is inevitable …

You are not who you were ten or twenty years ago, or are you?

So many of us resist change and yet it is our only certainty. We have to learn how to embrace it and not fight it. The more we allow change to take shape and go with it, the more we are going to be that very person we aspire to be.

We resist change because we are creatures of habit. Our brains are wired to repeat the same thing, over and over, again, regardless of how good or bad the habit.

To put it simply … to change your habits is to change your life.

Most of us lead fairly routine lives and that’s how we stay organised and meet our commitments and get everything done, sometimes people ask me how do they know when they are going through a change when everything is usually so typical, conventional and ‘normal’ day after day after day.

Sensing the seeds of change

Sometimes we get an external shakeup that precipitates change. Other times we come across more slow moving circumstances which make us feel uncomfortable or pushed out of our ‘comfort zone’.

Either way, when you sense it the best thing to do is surrender … and in the surrender you’ll find a sense of curiosity that comes with it.

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Did that question really make you think?

How often do we really take risks? How often do we change routines completely the opposite of what we know? Not often. You never know what you may discover if you do something new, and the interesting thing about that is that the more risks you take in life, the more you get to find out who you really are.

Change brings opportunity

When you are going through change, your mind expands in ways that you haven’t experienced before and it really brings light to your limitations. It opens up the possibilities of learning new ways of working. It makes you more flexible and adaptable because everything is just one big adventure!

You learn ways to embrace chaos that seem foreign and you become more adaptable, more flexible with what is going on.

When we are brave enough to look at change, and ‘let it be’ without reacting to it. The more our confidence grows …. Always remembering that we don’t have to respond until we’re ready and that puts us back in the driver’s seat. When we have fun with change, it is far less daunting.

Nothing changes if nothing changes

In fact, some studies suggest that people who learn to thrive on change, are happier than people who resist it, and spend their lives cocooned in similarity and familiarity.

Of course, you have to play to your own strengths and stark contrast or rapid change is not for anyone, so start with little changes … Embrace new routines and say ‘yes’ to doing things differently.

Because when you do, you are opening your mindset to new experiences and opportunities, new people, new skills and increasing self-esteem … it’s only when we experience ‘fear’ that we find courage.

If you want to live your life to your fullest potential then you need to be open to change, and variety. Change is inevitable.  Change helps us grow and even if the change leads you to an outcome that wasn’t exactly what you originally had in mind, there’s always something to learn.

Change at times will take you in a different direction and at times we can momentarily feel lost or worried, but every situation passes, eventually.

Without change, we’d have no seasons, no rain, no sun, no snow and no moon. Change is at the heart of the cycle of life. Change is the difference between day and night… So welcome change … and watch the magic unfold.