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We are walking, talking, living programs.

These programs were installed at a very young age. Moreover, 95% of the time we don’t even realise that these programs are running in the background without our acknowledgement.

It’s time to wake up and bust through those programs.

However, to do that, you have to understand how the unconscious mind works because whatever you believe about yourself on the inside … you will manifest on the outside.

Your mind is a very powerful force to be reckoned with. When you fill it with positive thoughts and feelings, your life will begin to change. Your thoughts shape your vision, your lens and your map of the world as your reality.

Whatever you plant in your unconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become your reality.

Our unconscious mind controls 95% to 99% of our lives

We only use 1% to 5% of our conscious mind every day. That’s it.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not trying to give the unconscious mind a bad rap. It is there to protect us. Once we can peel the layers back and befriend all of our fears, obstacles, habits and patterns, then we can reprogram our mind.

Your unconscious mind is always awake. It records and remembers everything. It also keeps you from being overwhelmed by your senses.

Your unconscious mind learns through habituation and it takes all messages literally. That’s why you have to be so cautious about what you think and be conscious of your internal dialogue.

Your unconscious mind has no verbal language of its own. It speaks the language of pictures, it speaks to you in your dreams and it’s not logical, linear or analytical. It is intuitive, emotional, creative and imaginative.

Ultimately, it can do a trillion things at once and it is a million times more powerful than the conscious mind.

You choose what you see

Let’s bring this to life with an example.

When you were a child, if you were told that you do not ‘deserve’, your unconscious mind will run the program of you do not ‘deserve’ throughout your entire day. At any given moment, it’s automatically playing in the background.

This could show up as you don’t deserve the relationship, you don’t deserve the pay increase, you don’t deserve that promotion or whatever you relate to when it comes down to you deserving.

Then when opportunities present that you want, you unconsciously sabotage them because your mind has been programmed and it only knows how to play these patterns over and over again.

There are so many other programs. For example, striving for perfection to the point when things go wrong, you go into a state of panic because it has to be perfect … when there is no such thing.

Alternatively, when you were young, perhaps you loved to sing, as most children enjoy expressing themselves through music. Maybe one day your parent was working and needed some quiet time, or you were over the top with your vocal cords until they told you to stop singing, that you are too loud and a nuisance.

Imagine what program will be running today?

We focus most of our day on the future or the past

Your unconscious mind creates your reality out of the program.

If you have negative programs, you will invest 95% to 99% of your day creating negative experiences in your life from your unconscious program.

Mind you — pardon the pun — the conscious mind and unconscious mind work together. Therefore, whatever the conscious mind focuses on, it can control. What the conscious mind is not focused on, the unconscious mind will control.

So, if the unconscious mind is one million times stronger than the conscious mind, what hope do we have in changing these programs?

There are numerous ways to reprogram your mind. The easiest step is to start with being present or mindful and focusing on the now.

Concentrate on your present day. Not your past. Not your future. Otherwise, you are letting your unconscious mind run the programs.

The present is all that exists. Think about it. When you dwell on the past, you bring the past into the now. Likewise, when your thoughts are on the future, you bring the future into the now.

Now is all we have.

Your life doesn’t reflect what you want, it reflects the programs

When your conscious mind is not paying attention, it is not seeing the programs of the unconscious mind.

Consequently, most of your day, you are not playing the programs of what you want to create in your life.

Instead, you are playing other people’s programs that were installed in your mind at a very young age.

To change your destiny, you must change your thoughts.

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