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The mind cannot distinguish past, present, and future; therefore, the mind cannot tell time.

The mind cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined.

The mind cannot differentiate between what is right or wrong, positive, or negative.

The mind is a wonderful servant but a terrible master…

With these facts in mind, imagine what it would look and feel like if we were able to activate our emotions ahead of time.

What if our brain created pictures of what our future would look like?

Now that’s magic!

Well, it can. The technique is called future pacing. And it can be life-changing.

The list of famous, successful leaders and entrepreneurs that use this trick is a mile long. They too engage in future pacing, placing themselves in situations as if they had already taken place.

Using the present as the future…

Okay, then, how do you start?

Firstly, it’s important to identify and acknowledge where you are right now.

For example, if you are working in a corporation but you have this idea that you want to create your own product and launch into a completely new market, you must consider a few aspects.

And the way to do that is by having an end vision in mind.

  • What does the end product look like?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What are your customers saying about your product?
  • What are you thinking and feeling at the time?

Tapping into your emotions is of essence…

The second part is to project those heightened emotions into the future. It’s the reason why we call the process future pacing.

All you must do is decide on an end date, then close your eyes and let your emotions elevate.

Allow the excitement, the butterflies, and the abundance to flow in.

Imagine the experience as if it is taking place right now.

Then, project yourself into the future and allow your emotions to explode with joy, gratitude, and pride, right then and there.

Time is just an illusion…

When you are experimenting with future pacing, it doesn’t have to be years in advance.

You can future pace months ahead of time if you want to practise an interview for a new career move.

You can future pace two weeks ahead of time before a presentation.

Or anytime that resonates with you to influence an outcome.

When rehearsing, the key word here is ‘imagining’ what it would be like to have that as if you were in that very position.

In addition, gratitude and acknowledgement are critical to recognise when you have achieved the very thing you set out to achieve.

Your creative brain will tell your story…

Future pacing takes place in our pre-frontal cortex – the leadership part of our brain.

When we can imagine our future with augmented emotions, our brain is firing new neurons.

We also know that neurons that fire together, wire together, creating new patterns.

Each time we do that, it’s like building a muscle. We are changing our mind and transforming our brain.

If we keep imagining, thinking, and feeling our future, it will become our reality.

Collecting emotions for future reference…

When we are feeling the emotions of our future, our body receives chemical signals of these emotions telling our body – which is our unconscious mind – that the event has already taken shape.

It’s here!

It is a conscious practise because our default brain always has negative biases emerge at a blink of an eyelid.

So, by practising a daily mental rehearsal, we are in fact creating new neural pathways in the ‘present’ moment that will take us into the future.

Your thoughts can heal you from the inside out…

Science is proving that our body’s ability to heal and repair itself greatly is affected by our beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and intentions, for they have a profound vibrational effect upon our continually evolving genetic code.

We are the programmers of the code. DNA activation is our software upgrade.

Dr Bruce Lipton talks about epigenetics, where he explains that the environment signals our genes and the end product from an experience in the environment is an ‘emotion’.

Therefore, if we embrace our emotion ahead of the environment, we are signalling the gene ahead of the environment.

Genes make proteins that are responsible for the structure and function of our body.

If we do our mental rehearsal well, we will reap the physical benefits and embody our future before it’s actually manifested.

From ‘lack’ to abundance…

Therefore, it’s important to understand that, if we don’t get what we want straight away, we actually create a ‘lack’ emotion and keep reinforcing the absence of not having what we want.

When we are not in possession of what we want out of life, we automatically experience this emotion of ‘lack’ from not having the very thing we desire.

If we allow those negative emotions to take form, where we are manifesting through imagination, then we are creating more of that very thing we don’t want.

As a result, it keeps us stuck in the past.

Don’t lose your present to your past…

Thus, it is the biggest challenge we face – we can get stuck in the ‘lack’ that we experience on a daily basis, moving us further away from our future creations.

When we have our emotions triggered, we bring our past into our present and then hang on to it, which we are then projecting our past into our future.

As a result, we can’t see the future through the eyes or windows of our past.

When we are in a state of ‘lack’, we give up trying for the future and hope that someone or something will come and rescue us.

You have the power to change…

Only you can make the difference.

Only you can make the change.

You can create your future right now by tapping into your emotions and keeping the vision alive until it shows up.

Which means … you have to give up the life you have, to get to the life that’s waiting for you.