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We have all heard of it before …

Fear and self-doubt are the greatest killers of personal genius … but are they really?

What does self-doubt mean to you?

Self-doubt can mean a lack of confidence, a lack of one’s ability, a lack of faith. It can indicate fear of criticism, fear of judgement, or fear of making a decision.

In the same breath … self-doubt can also suggest the desire to express your needs, or to believe in yourself and back your ideas.

Maybe it is asking you to get real with your feelings whether it has something to do with your work, relationships or money.

It’s the meaning we give it…

Whatever it means to you, it is asking you to ‘stop’ and ‘think’ because this little apprehension is trying to tell you something and thus one needs to investigate the trepidation, the uncertainty and the hesitation of you moving forward.

This by the way is how you stay unstuck from the self-doubt. By going in with a curious mindset and with the intention to figure out what it’s trying to tell you, instead of accepting it for what it is.

Trust your self-doubt, your little nudges, hunches, inklings and feelings … this is your intuitive intelligence speaking to you and asking you to slow down and listen.

Self-doubt is not who you are, it’s acting as an illusion … a barrier that blocks you from going any further. It is inviting you to reassess, re-examine, review and revise your thoughts, feelings and decisions.

Self-doubt is an opportunity to re-evaluate what you want… 

What if you saw self-doubt as a bright light illuminating your blind spots?

What if self-doubt was a way to bring all of your unconscious programs and patterns into the conscious part of your mind to explore … as a way to give you the ability to change the program. 

What about if you looked at self-doubt as a skill, intelligence, logical and emotionally essential. What then?

When you start to question your self-doubt, it gives you space to challenge and shift your perceptions … thus bringing awareness to the opportunities and possibilities that self-doubt can bring to your consciousness; at the same time giving you an option to change course.

Thought provoking questions opens your curious mind, it creates agility, flexibility and adaptability in your approach.

Self-doubt is here to protect you and keep you safe…

What if self-doubt is your great protector?

What if self-doubt is your souls voice keeping you safe from something financially, physically, emotionally or spiritually that you are not prepared to experience or ready for?

Self-doubt can be that voice that is asking you …

  • Are you sure this is ready to go?
  • Are you certain you can support this?
  • Are you convinced that you have mapped it out?
  • Are you positive that you are not cutting corners?

Maybe self-doubt is asking you to get some help because you can’t do it alone.

Instead of falling into the trap that self-doubt is negative and it keeps you stuck.

Rather, get curious and lean into your self-doubt, you can dance with it, you can gain strength, courage and confidence as you tango with your self-doubt. Get familiar with it.

You have a choice. You can allow self-doubt to consume every ounce of you and become your identity …. or you can use self-doubt as a way to catapult you forward!

The greatest obstacle to your success is self-doubt…

Self-doubt can be that deep inquiry that you need to embark on with a level of compassion, understanding and eagerness to comprehend.

Turn your mental blocks into building blocks.

Self-doubt has a purpose.

It’s as simple as asking questions like “what is the purpose of your self-doubt?” and “how is self-doubt serving you?” 

There are many successful individuals amongst us and very successful people that we look up to, and even aspire to be like who are plagued with self-doubt.  Second guessing themselves, their abilities and talents.

While they are too busy doubting themselves, we on the other hand are in ‘awe’ of their presence, inspired by how they show up and intimidated by their full potential.

Start today, investigate in what areas of your life are you self-doubting yourself the most.

We all have moments of self-doubt, it’s what we do with it…

Once you have identified your area of life that you self-doubt the most. Pay attention, take note of what you are thinking, feeling and how you are showing up.

Get curious, ask thought provoking questions and discover the abundant choices that you have before your very eyes.

Then challenge your self-doubt and get to the root cause as to ‘why’ it is showing up for you in that area of your life and then plan what actions do you need to take to change that.

It can be as simple as thinking self-doubt is here to keep you safe.

The ability to continue in the presence of self-doubt enhances, strengthens and boosts your level of resilience and thus recover from any future adversity, difficulties or any form of hardship.

Isn’t it time to believe in yourself a little more and go after what you want?