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Don’t complain about things that you are not willing to change.

We all do it, whether we admit to it or not, and it’s completely normal.

We all complain about something or someone; however, complaining never makes anything better, it never fixes things up, and it definitely doesn’t make you feel better … if anything, it adds fuel to that fire of yours.

What kind of fire?

It’s not the good kind, it’s a wildfire that consumes you and does you more harm than good.

It can be tempting to constantly complain about every little thing since it releases our pent-up frustrations and negative feelings; however, it can be a bad habit that you’ll find hard to curb.

Never waste a second of your time complaining about anything because it doesn’t solve them … if we apply the Universal Law of Attraction, it attracts more of that very thing you are complaining about.

Complaining never makes anything better


It means the more you complain, the more problems you will have and …. the more of that energy you will project onto others, where you are impacting, infecting and influencing others around you with your complaining.

Complaining all the time can have an impact on your relationships around you.

Remember to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and see things from their point of view.

How do you think they will see you in that light?

What do you think they are going to think, say or feel about you?

Be thankful and stop complaining

When you complain, you are giving your power away. By complaining, you make yourself a victim as if you don’t have a say, as if you don’t have a choice … as if you are stuck.

Quite the contrary, you do have a choice.

You can choose to stay and make it work.

You can choose to be thankful and find bright spots in every situation.

Or … you can choose to leave.

You see, we all have free will, and it is our birthright.

Only ungrateful people complain about everything

Only ungrateful people complain about the one thing you haven’t done instead of the hundreds of things you have done for them.

Imagine what kind of message you are sending out to the Universe when you complain about your relationship, work, or life.

Denzel Washington shares that we should never help an ungrateful person get on their feet because it is like telling a wolf that you are a sheep.

In other words, never put your time into the hands of the ungrateful.

Sometimes people don’t notice the things we do for them, until we stop doing it because the things they take for granted, there is someone out there praying for them.

Encourage them with your words instead of complaining

Encouraging words are light and hope-giving. It’s like honey to you and the people around you. It soothes their aching hearts and soul.

If you complain about your relationship … you are saying to the Universe that you don’t accept love, you don’t welcome love and you don’t want to receive love. Thus, inviting more unhealthy arguments, personal attacks and disrespect towards each other.

Instead, why not look at the silver lining in your relationships. You have to start asking the right questions and reframe the way you think.

  • What is the purpose of your relationships?
  • What are the gifts in your relationship?
  • What are the lessons in your relationships?
  • What are the meanings of your relationships?

After all, we project onto others what we must integrate, learn, accept and embrace.

Only ungrateful people complain about the smallest issue

One of my masters taught us that there are 3 types of people to stay away from … uninspired, unexcited, and ungrateful because those who complained about everything, or those that blamed others for their problems, and those that were never grateful was a sure road to failure.

Let’s shift gears a little and look at your job, your work or your career.

Suppose you complain about your work. You are telling the Universe that you are not grateful for this money. You don’t consider yourself blessed in these interesting times that you have a job. You don’t want to be promoted. You want to stay where you are at.

Once again, if we apply the concept of the Universal Law of Attraction.

What you complain about brings more of it to you

Instead, why not think about …

  • What is the purpose of this job?
  • What does it bring you?
  • What are your lessons?
  • What is your purpose in your role?
  • How are you helping other people with your job?

And … really get into the emotions of what it brings you. Dive into what you feel and try to understand why you’re feeling that way. What makes you feel negatively towards certain things or circumstances?

For example, it allows me to buy delicious food for my family. This job allows me the freedom to buy gifts for others. This job allows me to invest in my health or beauty. You can write a long list of all the things this job, relationships, or experience brings to you in an abundantly and fulfilling way.

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