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You are creative. Yes. You are creative.

Every single one of us is born creative. We all have a right side of the brain… right? The right brain function is defined by intuition, emotions and creativity. When we are drawn towards music, art, poetry or writing that is our right side of the brain that is lit up like a Christmas tree. It is the side that is perceptive, emotional and where an imagination flourishes. That’s why we feel love, passion and yearning when our right side of our brain is ignited.

The great Albert Einstein himself once stated that Imagination is more important than knowledge. This fact alone should get you thinking about creativity more than ever.

So… let me ask you again, do you think you are creative? I hope you answered yes. You see, the only thing that is stopping you from being creative is your limiting belief that you are not creative. Your mindset is critical; what you think and believe – you will attract.

From Mindset to Manifestation

Creative people believe they are creative. Once you have a set of beliefs that you are not creative – then you won’t be. Unfortunately this limiting belief will stop you from trying anything new or different. Do you really want to slip into boredom and the clenches of a tedious lifestyle? Of course not; you are creative.

A day without creativity is like a day without sunshine. Creativity is the action of turning new and imaginative ideas into reality. It is your outward expression of an inward thought or emotion. Creativity involves thinking first and then producing second.

As an example, let’s have a look at writer’s block; it is a common block… or is it? I personally don’t believe in writer’s block; however, I do believe that sometimes we can limit our creativity simply because of a lack of inspiration and imagination that has an impact on how we express or present our creativity. Overcoming so-called writer’s block takes will power and determination; you must be aware that you are the leader and manager of your inspiration, interest and engagement.

How to Unleash Your Creative Power

What happens when you feel your creative spark isn’t flickering as boldly as you would like? You need to take control of your thoughts, energy and emotions and access your inner power. How? You just have to tap into your passion and immerse yourself in the process of creating something new and different. The very moment you decide to believe you are creative, you will be surprised what you are able to manifest. I am speaking from experience. I used to be the one that used to say “I do not have a creative bone in my body”… WOW! Can you imagine what I was doing to myself?

I made a decision that I was creative and I bought myself a journal and labeled it Filled with Creative Ideas – I took it everywhere with me. My plan was to come up with one idea per day. It was so easy and some days I had ten and even fifteen ideas just jumping out of my brain. It takes perseverance, determination and then patience. The trick is to do it for 21 days consecutively until you create a belief that you are a creative genius.

Creative Energy and the Human Brain

When you are producing new creations, you are replenishing neurotransmitters linked to genes that are being turned on and off in response to what your brain is doing. The more activity in that region of your brain, the better you will become at problem solving or dealing with challenges. When you are going through the motions of creating new ideas, you are energising your brain by increasing the number of contacts between neurons. The more active your brain becomes, the more creative you become.

Your brain thrives on creative energy and your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is not real.

Now – it’s Your Turn

I encourage you to think of as many creative ideas as possible and then decide which ones you are going to act on. Never give up on your first good idea. Build on your first good idea. Create an abundance of ideas from that first idea. Trust your gut instincts or your intuition; that is your right creative brain working with you.

Going back to why I don’t believe in writer’s block. If ever you get stuck – walk away and find your source of inspiration to open the doorway to your creativity. It may be as simple as walking away and listening to a tune or grabbing a couple of books and flicking through the pages, letting your eyes wonder until you stop at a sentence.

You may go for a walk and look around you to find inspiration in what you see, it may be the simple folds in the blue clouds in the sky, it may be the humming birds singing before lying down for the night or it may be the silence of nothing in your ear.

For me – it’s meditation. Where I can quiet my mental chatter and access a new part of my brain.  When you experience a state of stillness you can tap into your unconscious part of your mind. I can also tap into this state of stillness when I am exercising. When I have an idea, I go into my meditation with a blank canvas and channel my energy into filling my canvas with whatever comes to mind to build on my creative idea. And… I do it with intense emotion to manifest it into reality.

Whatever the source for you – if you seek it, you will find it.

Don’t be afraid to try something new, immerse yourself in the new and practice your creativity continuously.

Make a commitment right now to find your imagination – to be the most magnificent version of you. Every human has limitless potential.

Just create. Unleash your creativity. Now.