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Are your receiving channels open?

When you declare “I am open and ready to receive” the universe not only hears you, it holds out its hands to help you.

There is something called the universal law of giving and receiving, this means that you can only give what you allow yourself to receive …  and you can only receive what you are willing to give!

So, in order to translate that into our human existence, we have to give what we want to receive. If you want happiness, make others happy! If you want love, show it to others. If you want kindness … put it out there and it will come back to you.

Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give. Don’t expect to receive if you are not willing to give.

But … you know who is going to give you everything in this life? You.

Ahem. Yes. And if you are anything like me, this can be a sticking point … a pain point even.

Sometimes my receiving channels need a bit of clearing, because, like many people, I don’t quite know how to receive without feeling guilty. Every time someone pays me a complement, I always shrug it off or even sometimes down play it. When I receive a gift, I feel compelled to return the favour in some way. When someone reaches out to me offering a hand … I kindly reject with a smile and a thank you, and say ‘it’s okay’ (even if it’s not) because I don’t want to bother other people with my stuff.

So, when that is the case, what kind of signs do you think I am sending out to the universe? Correctamundo!!! ‘I am not ready to receive.’ LOUD AND CLEAR.

Once I made that realisation, it was quite an ‘ah ha’ moment. I was very quick to change my tone, and believe it or not, this change of mindset has been a miraculous shift, and a miraculous gift.

Life is like a boomerang what you give is what you get…

Whether we like it or not, our consciousness operates every second of our day, the principle of conscious manifestation is ‘acceptance’ – this means accepting the littlest things, like a compliment, allowing someone to help you with your groceries into your car and … it is about accepting without guilt.

The trick to mastering it is, that you have to become more ‘aware’ so to be able to stop yourself from talking yourself out of ‘acceptance’ because that may just be your saboteur in action! And, you probably don’t even know it because you have been doing it for such a long time, and wondering why you are still in the same place you were five years ago.

It’s about learning to ‘surrender’ and ‘accept’ all with no judgement. Say what? How do I accept with no judgement?

Well, it happens on three levels. The first level is our deepest part of our mind, that greater part of who we are – our unconscious self where all of our beliefs, habits, fears, our unconscious bias, our old programs that no longer serve us – they all live in that greater part of our mind. Oh … and yes, the most important part – what we think and feel about ourselves too.

You are good enough to receive…

So, let’s say you have an old mental program that you are not good enough to receive, or not worthy of riches, wealth, health and abundance. Then guess what? Your judgement or doubt will kick in … and then, in comes the inner critic – telling you stories like “they need it more than you” and “how can you impose on them” because blah, blah, blah …
I’m sure you can fill in the blanks.

But hang on a minute. Even after this critic has taken over the show, it doesn’t just stop there. There is another layer … the conditioned mind – the part of us that is ‘taught’ by environment, family, society, community “to do this, you need to do that” and “this is just the way it is….”  etc, etc, etc… And it’s here that we trip ourselves up again because we use this to justify the way things play out in our lives, instead of considering that actually, it is indeed possible to create absolutely anything and everything that we desire. We do things like get married and buy a bigger house, and work our butt off for a promotion because we think that society will approve of us. Sure, we all want approval, but we often seek it without truly following what makes us happy, deep down inside.

It’s safe for you to be a powerful human being…

But wait, there’s more…. I know. I am sounding like a commercial. The final layer is the conscious aspect of accepting. Once we have silenced our inner critic and worked out that actually, self-acceptance is more powerful than the opinions of those around us, we can put ourselves in the driver seat.  And this is when the magic happens because we can co-create ‘reality’ through our awareness of the benefits working with unseen energy and frequency, and because we know that we have come into this life with a blueprint that influences us, we can use it to our advantage, and we can be inspired to create magnificence for ourselves. We just have to get out of our own way first. Ditch the lingering doubt and the conditioning, and then what’s left is ‘acceptance’ and it’s bountiful – because it provides you with the power to choose – whatever you want, whenever you want. Because when we are consciously accepting, we are consciously manifesting from a place that is much more aligned with our heart and not our mind.

So…. The bottom line is get rid of your own internal negativity, and don’t base your self-worth on what other people think of you.

Make sure you have your receiving channels open;

  • Do you receive compliments well?
  • Do you receive unexpected gifts easily?
  • Do you accept help when it is offered to you?
  • Do you accept your meal being paid for by a friend?

These are little things, but they can provide little signals that will help you know if you are open to receiving. Remember the universe is moving through every single one of us, all the time, and it’s waiting to support you to create the life you want.

Attract what you want by being what you want…

You are now coming to understand that there is abundance for you, and it is not your job to work out ‘how’ it will come to you. However, it is your job to co-create with the universe – work with everything that comes your way, by ‘accepting’ circumstances, events, and incidences, when you get into the flow of your life experience by accepting, you show the universe that you ‘believe’ that you are ready to receive. And, then once you have done that, the universe will bring it about – just trust. Remember, the details – how, when, whom etc… are none of your business.

Remember that all we are is a result of what we have thought. Essentially, nothing can come into your experience unless you summon it through persistent thoughts.

When you believe something is hard, the universe demonstrates the difficulty. When you believe something is easy, the universe demonstrates the ease – Abraham Hicks

Believing involves thinking, talking and acting as though you have already received.

Acceptance is about trusting yourself to rise to whatever occasion presents itself to you. It is about being open to ALL of life, knowing that it all has value whether you like it or not.

Make sure a ‘yes’ to someone else is not a ‘no’ to yourself.

Asking is the beginning of receiving… The law of ‘acceptance’ is a conscious choice to drop all forms of resistance and make the most of the present moment.  Acceptance isn’t about liking or approving of something.  It is about letting life flow and unfold without getting in the way.

Remember the other side of giving is receiving…  there is value in accepting the situation as it is. And then realising resistance of it doesn’t help—and then begin to try and change your attitude, the way you think and feel about it.