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Sometimes to surrender means giving up trying to understand … and to become comfortable with not knowing.

Imagine this. You have this strong desire to push for that new job you applied for, or to make this relationship work and … what actually happens is that you are pushing it further away from you.

You see just the fact that you are putting every ounce of your being to make this thing happen for you, what you are actually doing is creating this swirling vortex of energy – and you are right in the middle of it. Which means this … whatever you are wishing or wanting to take place is coming to you, but because of this massive force field that you are creating, you’re actually pushing it further away from you because it bounces off this ferocious cyclone of swirling energy!

But what if, you surrendered?

What if you allowed it to come to you and take form, to manifest in its full capacity?

Surrender is the intersection between acceptance and change …

The energy of surrender accomplishes much more than the energy of trying to make things happen, or trying to control an outcome. There is an art in surrendering and it’s not as hard as you think.

Surrender literally means to stop fighting, stop controlling and stop getting in the way of what’s flowing to you and taking form.

Why resist and push away the very thing you want to create for yourself?

But this is where the confusion comes in for many people.

If you surrender to what you have just broadcast to the universe, and ‘let go’ of the outcome, does it mean that you sit there and wait for it to come knocking at your door?

No! You still have to meet the universe half way. You have to play your part in this, but you have to take action from that place of surrender energy. Rather than forcing and running around and flapping, take it slow. Follow your heart, follow your instincts … when you don’t rush, the universe will speak to you and gently lay out the best path forward.

And then, when you catch yourself trying to control an outcome. STOP. And consciously and deliberately shift into surrender energy.

Surrendering to the present moment …

The first step to surrendering is to be mindful, to be present in the now, to work with what you desire the most.  You have to be crystal clear. Write down exactly what you want to manifest and write it as if you already have it because if you write ‘I want’ a better relationship, a bigger home, more money or a better job, then you will always be left ‘wanting’. However, if you write your desire as if you already have a loving relationship or a creative inspirational job then it’s coming to you at the speed of light.

Then, once you’ve done this, have faith and surrender. Use a little visualisation and project your desire into your future, and as you release your desire whisper to the universe “in full faith for this to take shape or better”.

Your job is to believe. Wholeheartedly. And to take care of your daily thoughts, feelings and what vibrations you project out into the universe. Be conscious – set intentions that are in line with your desire. For example: if it’s a relationship you want to manifest, your intention is to show love and experience love in all of your relationships. Be loving. Act lovingly. If your intention is more money, when you spend money say to yourself: ‘I enjoy having money to spend.’ ‘I like contributing to the economy when I buy things that I need and desire.’

The more positive your view of what you’re seeking, the faster it will come.

Hold the vision and trust the process …

Remember the trick is to live as if you already have it, so what would you be saying, where would you be hanging out, who would you be speaking with and do this with no attachments because you believe you have it!

The more patient you are, the less ‘attached’ you are to a specific outcome, the quicker you will get what you want …. Remember, doubt equals resistance. And resistance, as I mentioned earlier, just slows the whole thing down!

When you feel frustration or impatience or doubt creeping in, begin to practice gratitude. Gratitude brings you back to a place of abundance because it focuses you on all the good things in your life. And remember, there’s a grand plan. Your job is to enjoy the journey and trust that everything is working out.

The universe is a friendly place …

Albert Einstein believed that the most important decision we need to make is whether we believe we live in a friendly universe or a hostile one.

Basically, it boils down to your beliefs. If you believe the universe is friendly and that things come to you easily and effortlessly, then you will be receptive and allowing things to take shape … this is easier said than done, it takes practice, it is an art and skill. When you open yourself up to accepting all that there is, you are opening yourself up to the abundant universe. As you let go of the need to control your life, control an outcome or arrange your life how you think it should be, then guess what? The universe has your back, it brings you an abundance of prosperity and wealth. And it lines up not in some crazy haphazard way, but in a way, that suits you well, and is just the way you like it!

Gurus have long shared the idea that the cosmic blueprint that we are living in is a universe of ‘abundance’ and that it holds the building blocks to everything. The universe is continuously expanding to cater to our every whim and that we should not fear, as there is enough abundance for all of us and more.

The universe is manifesting according to our will but it can only deliver that which is seen as being called into existence by us. We need to seriously filter our thoughts and emotions in order to project what we want to manifest in our lives.