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It’s never too late to reinvent the human being you want to be.

Every single day is an occasion to reinvent yourself.

You have travelled far on your quest for a greater meaning and fulfillment in life, learning many valuable lessons along the way. And you want to continue your journey but the road seems to have come to an end.

Where do you go from here?

You might find yourself standing at a crossroad, or sometimes what seems like a dead end, you feel lost and confused, pondering whether this is where you want to be in your life or career.

These junctures tend to be a telltale sign that it’s time to reinvent yourself.  And… without wanting you to feel pressured, it’s a moment to remember that the choices you make right now will define the rest of your days.

This is an opportunity to change your point of focus, to reinvent a new ‘you’ and a new life. And when you have made your decision, don’t look back….’consciously’ continue to move forward.

Ask yourself … because ANYTHING is possible: Who do you want to be? Where do you want to be?

And then make a plan to make it work!

You have moved beyond the crossroads

Sometimes in life there are telltale signs that change is on the way. Sometimes it’s a natural progression along the pathway. At other times though, there are no warning signs and you find yourself smack bang! …. in the middle of a path that is diverging right in front of your eyes … the crossroad where you find you are parting ways with a relationship, a career or you have to make a serious decision.

Just as established brands, products and companies, reinvent themselves to stay alive, so should human beings. Look how great Madonna is at this!  You don’t have to turn your life on its head and throw out everything that has gone before, but you can build on who you are … grow, mature, and make positive changes.

The first step to reinventing yourself is to be ‘accountable’ and take full responsibility for where you are now. No blaming your past. No excuses. Because somewhere in your unconscious mind you asked for this, you created this very moment. Its so much more empowering to ‘own’ it than not … because ownership leads to ‘empowerment’ and ‘entitlement’ and from those two very powerful positions you can stay in charge of what’s happening in your life.

This will make all the difference in charting the pathway from where you are, to where you want to be.

Letting go doesn’t mean you stop caring

Once you have worked out where you want to be. You have to let go of all the things that are holding you back. Relationships and friendships that are toxic which you continue to stay in because you don’t want to rock the boat. Gracefully begin to distance yourself from these individuals and expand your social circle with new friends and connections that are on the same wavelength as you – that carry similar energy.

Let go, too, of missed opportunities, regret, careers that weigh you down and bad habits that stop you from achieving the very thing you want in life.

This includes letting go of the pain, confusion and worry you feel when things don’t go the way you wanted them to or the way you planned them to, because this ALWAYS (and without exception) means that something better is around the corner.

As long as you hang on to what is not meant to be, you are actually stopping from something new to show up.

So, let go of the old to welcome the new … you can’t have both. To create the highest and best version of you and your potential, you must let go of the old regularly, ‘shed your skin’ … like a snake does when the season comes…  Otherwise you become a prisoner when you cling to your past.

Understand what is stopping you

If you find making these changes challenging, then ask yourself what’s giving you feelings of resistance? What are you afraid of?  If you don’t embrace your reinvention, it won’t have authenticity. That said, be kind to yourself – set a pace that you’re comfortable with and don’t rush…  if it doesn’t feel right, don’t go there.  But trust yourself … deep down you know what’s best for you. You’re an expert, so trust your own judgement.

A really helpful trick when you are feeling stuck or in a rut is to start saying ‘no’ more often. Especially to things that no longer feel aligned to you or experiences that don’t inspire you. Soon you’ll find that the more you say ‘no’ to those that drain your energy and no longer serve a purpose, the more you say ‘yes’ to your new you.

Out with the old, in with the new

Get rid of the clutter in your wardrobe – throw out those old clothes that you no longer wear, the ones that you have stored in your cupboard for a rainy day when you know that day will never come. Develop a new image of yourself to serve as your guide to your new goal.

But there’s another more important reason to do this too, physical space and mental space go hand in hand. Clutter to the eye is simply visual noise … and you’ll find that clearing out space gives you room to breathe.

De-cluttering is therapeutic too – some of the things that we hang on to carry energy of the past and by letting go of them can be quite healing at the unconscious level. …. Not to mention you have less junk to deal with and less procrastination about what to wear when you have simplified your wardrobe.

This is the beginning of something new and that can be anything you want, so let the adventure begin! It’s quite therapeutic getting rid of the old!  Be strategic in your new you. What do you want to look like? How do you want to think and act?

Patience is a key element to success

When you have embarked on your journey of self-reinvention –  be patient. There may be days where you are taking three steps forward and two steps back, but it is important to stay strong and don’t let these ‘tests of your resolve’ discourage you. You can do this. You have taken a leap of faith so establish a routine that is achievable for you to stick with so you can stay on track. It’s so easy to revert back to old ways when you don’t remain conscious and committed to the brand new you!

… And remember, it takes twenty-one days to create a new habit, have your twenty-one day checklist to keep you moving forward. Planning helps and so does sharing the new goals – when you’ve got a personal cheer squad of friends and family supporting you along the way then you’ll be more motivated to stay on track.