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“If you approach the ocean with a cup, you can only take away a cupful;  if you approach it with a bucket, you can take away a bucketful.” — Ramana Maharshi

If you think you deserve better, then the question for you is, ‘what are you hanging on to or not letting go of?’

If you think you are not lucky, then the question for you is, ‘what are you ignoring or not seeing?’

If you think you are not wealthy, then the question for you is, ‘what are your beliefs and thinking around prosperity?’

Just the other day, I was having a conversation about ‘luck’, and my belief is that we create our own luck.

In my world, it is a state of mind. What we think. What we feel. What we focus on. That’s the first step.

The second step is the meaning we attach to it that gives it substance. For example, you would call yourself lucky if things went smoothly, but never forget the hard work, determination and grit it took to make it all happen.

What we deem as lucky is an output of our persistence, perseverance and our bravery to push through all of that fear against all odds.

I know some very wealthy individuals who were born into the family. Knowing them and their circumstances, they definitely don’t think they are lucky.

I hear myself say that I am a lucky person, and I truly believe I am.

But if you think it is an external driver, then you are giving your power away.

Being lucky is a mindset.

Luck is not found. It is made.

You see, if you think and believe you are lucky, then what you are in fact doing is programming your reticular activating system to seek, acknowledge and manifest opportunities.

However, if you think and believe you are unlucky, then guess what? Correct. Your reticular activating system is scanning your environment and backing it up with evidence to affirm and re-affirm these beliefs.

One of my clients in our coaching session was constantly saying that she had bad luck when it came to relationships. Others around her had bad luck, with career, with finance or with health.

Whatever the story, what you focus on will grow.

The Dalai Lama reminds us that sometimes not getting what we want is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Sometimes, things don’t go our way. Then, we can respond that there is something better coming our way and this was a preparation for it. Or not.

It is up to you how you want to think.

Synchronicity is a wink from the Universe

Let’s go back to my coaching client. The moment she made a conscious effort to change the language and adopted the mantra that love was all around her, every corner she looked, there it was.

It became very apparent to her that as soon as she was able to shift her mindset, the obvious thing that stood out to her was, ‘we simply become what we think.’

So, if you want to be lucky, tell yourself you are lucky. Really feel it and believe in it because that is a sure way to activate your reticular activating system and open the door of luck.

Others call it synchronicity.

Evelyn Lim says the Universe reveals itself through synchronicity. It orchestrates the events, people and environment. It lines them up so that you are exactly where you need to be.

Synchronicity takes place like a vibrational beacon that transmits a divine message or coded sign back to you, indicating that you are in alignment or on the right path.

Abundance is something we tune into

When we have an abundant mindset, we think there is enough for everyone and that there will always be more. We work as a community, we collaborate, we are generous to others and share our knowledge to help others grow.

We are open to giving our time and free ourselves to offer help to others. We believe there is no such thing as competition because we are all unique and individual. We think big and embrace taking risks. We take ownership and lean into change.

This is abundant thinking for you. In this mindset, we are enough, we have enough and we do enough.

If you do not resonate with the abundance mindset, you can set daily mantras or affirmations to help you shift your way of thinking. They can be as easy as:

  • I am now open to receiving.
  • I have unlimited abundance.
  • Every day I experience abundance.
  • I create limitless abundance through my actions.
  • I gratefully welcome the abundance flowing into my life.
  • Everywhere I look, I see abundance for everyone.

With some of the most recent activities all over the world, we saw some amazing human beings who definitely exposed their ability to be abundant by giving some of their own goods and services from a place of abundance. 

Your scarcity mindset is keeping you poor

At the same time, we have also seen this scarcity thinking in its finest form. Those that hoard things from others, like buying an excessive amount of supplies, toilet paper and other products without thinking of the elderly or those in need.

This kind of mindset that there will never be enough.

They believe in competition and they will do their very best to stay on top. They won’t share their knowledge to help others, nor will they dare to help others. They are suspicious and don’t trust in others.

These are the individuals that you will hear say that times are tough and they are just going to get worse.

These individuals live in fear, they behave irrational, they think small and avoid risks.

Your thoughts become things

If this is you, then it’s time to get serious about shifting your mindset if you want more abundance in your life.

It can be as simple as starting with one daily affirmation. Repeat it 6 times every hour each day. Watch the magic unfold.

You can make up your own affirmations or positive statements that evoke emotion and belief. You don’t want to be repeating them if they don’t move you because then they won’t work.

When properly formed, affirmations can counteract some of your negative thinking. They can shift your scarcity mindset to more of an abundant mindset because they can rewire your brain.

So, how will you work towards a mindset of abundance today?