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In order to release your money blocks, you need to have clarity over what they are. Once you can verbalize your money block and how it personally applies to you, it stops having that much power over you.

To remove your money block you first have to become aware of what they are by tapping into the power of your unconscious mind – receiving the abundance of money, that is our birthright.

Understanding the Law of Attraction

Let’s first look at the law of attraction. It’s all about like attracts like. Basically if you think negative you will receive exactly that, but if you think positive guess what? You will receive positive things.

To recap, if we think a certain way, this is what we will see, then this is how we behave, so this is what you feel and the result will be exactly what you get. Whatever you feel – positive or negative – you are going to attract exactly that!

It is that simple; we make it complex.

So hang on a minute… am I saying that if I believe that I have an abundance of wealth that all I have to do is act and live as if I have it already and that’s it? It’s already coming my way? Correct! Consider it a done deal!

Remember what the great Henry Ford said – Whether you think you can or think you can’t… you’re right!

So how is it then that I am not getting what I want and do not have the abundance that I desire?

What are Money Blocks?

Money is energy. It is a means of exchange for your goods or service as an exchange of your energy that you put into your work to receive money.

In saying that some of us have unconscious money blocks that we are not even aware of… money blocks is what is stopping you from getting what you want!

What are money blocks? Some of the money blocks that I have encountered are:

  • Self-worth Receiving money – some of us feel uncomfortable in receiving money; especially if you are a people pleaser. If money is energy and you give all your energy away and not seeing to your own needs first, then what kind of message are you sending out to the universe? Exactly! You will manifest money for others, so you may find yourself working hard to fulfill others needs and be left feeling tired and burned out all the time.
  • Self-sabotage Having money – some of us feel uncomfortable about having money, so they spend it. Buy things that you don’t need and then you never have money left over, regardless of how much money you’re making, you spend excessively! This leads to feeling insecure about money and not saving money!
  • Self-evaluation Comparison – some of us just can’t help but compare their situation to someone else. This can become a perpetuating effect, leaving you powerless and feeling unhappy because you are always seeking external of what others have. It can have a massive impact on your self worth and when you don’t feel worthy, energetically it has an impact on your financial worth.
  • PerceptionBeliefs – stories about money; it could be as simple as your parents telling you money doesn’t grow on trees or maybe you experience your parents fighting about money, so now you think money is evil. This kind of money block is related to negative emotions such as shame, fear, grief, guilt or anger, which are all unconscious of course and the only way to become aware of your money blocks is by working through the process that we are about to embark on.

These are only a few.

How do we bring our Money Blocks to Light?

  1. Can you relate to any of the above money blocks? Which ones can you relate to? Write down exactly how and why you can relate to your money blocks.
  2. What can you do to release your money block? Name 12 things that you can do to release your money blocks.
  3. From 1 to 10, how committed are you to making those changes? Anything that is 5 and under, there is not enough motivation or drive to break-through your money block.

If you are having troubles breaking through your money blocks, let’s deep dive and work on it together.

Let’s say your money block is Self-sabotage, it would go like this.

  • Unconscious Belief – Saving money is way too hard.
  • Unconscious Thinking – I am not good at saving money.
  • Unconscious Behaviour – Impulsive buying: clothes, jewelry or furniture that you don’t need.
  • Results – Never have enough money to pay for my bills or credit card.

Now we can turn that around by focusing on it for 21 one days consciously.

  • Conscious Belief – Saving money is easy and necessary.
  • Conscious Thinking – I am good at saving money.
  • Conscious Behaviour – I open up a savings account that takes $100 a week out of my pay.
  • Results – My bank balance is increasing, making me feel confident about having enough money.

Now you try it:

Unconscious Belief:

Unconscious Thinking:

Unconscious behaviour:


Transform from unconscious to conscious.

Conscious Belief:

Conscious Thinking:

Conscious behaviour:


You can eliminate your money blocks by spending the time on you and clear them all step by step until they become less and less of an obstacle for you.

This is the secret of getting everything we want out of life. We attract whatever we choose to give our attention to, whether wanted or unwanted. So remember if you continue to focus on the lack and limitation in your life, you will continue to create and attract more lack and limitation. But… instead if you focus on the wealth, abundance and prosperity that are already present in your life, no matter how small, then you will begin to create and attract more wealth, abundance and prosperity.

It’s as simple as that.