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Every now and again something shows up in life that is truly magnificent, life altering and magical. So, what are these incredible, life-altering radical shifts that will blow your mind? And how do you open your mind to make them happen?

Well … the first step is ‘awareness’. Awareness is the key to success and it presents in so many ways – sometimes awareness hits us on the head like a ton of bricks, and our minds have to be cracked open – these usually come in the form of big life events like a death, job loss, or a relationship break-up … and they shock us into awareness and cause a mind shift.

And other times there are individuals who go seeking it, whether it’s asking a friend for feedback, or take an assessment, or psychometry test to give them insights into their psyche. There are these self-help gurus who are always reflecting, deep diving and exploring. But timing plays a role too … sometimes the circumstances in our lives temporarily prevent us from making a radical shift. Or … they make it possible.

You might be in a wrong job but you need to bide your time while finishing an important project and you know it’s not the right time for that radical shift. Or … you are in a relationship that you know has gone way beyond its used by date and you hang in there until your partner is in the right frame of mind until you make that radical shift. However, occasionally the timing takes over … and the radical shift becomes virtually inevitable … it’s like all the stars and planets come into alignment and the pieces fall into place.

Here are five bulletproof radical mind shifts that will transform your life forever!

Open your mind to the possibilities …

The vibration of gratitude attracts more positive things in your life. One of the most important mind shifts that could instantly open your life and business up to new possibilities is to ‘grow’ through the tough and discouraging times of life, rather than just going through them.

Some of the biggest failures and adversities in life ended up becoming some of the biggest blessings and opportunities … but this open happens when you make the choice to learn from your situation and circumstances.

Once you have shifted your mindset that anything and everything is possible, you will have a level of gratitude that reflects the idea that you are surrounded by opportunities and not problems. This changes your outlook, which in turn is what life reflects back at you.

When you seek nothing, you are on your path …

There is nothing outside of you that can ever enable you to get bigger, better or stronger. All your riches and all your desires that you seek are within you, everything exists inside of you. Even the quality of your relationships, business success and happiness among so many other things boils down to your mindset. You see, we are all talented at something, and while there are quite a few different variables as to ‘why’ others are more successful than the next person, the only thing that ultimately separates the best of the best from everyone else is – mindset!

The idea is to live your life in a way that makes you feel lit up, alive, full-fledged and beautiful. Know and connect with what nourishes you inside out. Do what feeds your soul and then build your world from that alone. All else is not part of your revolution or your ultimate evolution.

When you have nothing to lose you have everything. So, detach yourself from all things and you will be free. For example, love. Love is not found outside of you. You simply awaken love within you. When someone leaves you then you know it’s time for someone else to arrive. Each day brings a miracle.

Drop the story about yourself that holds you back …

What’s your story? What are you telling yourself and what are you telling others? What others think of you is none of your business. Don’t compare your life to others!

It’s critical to realise that your unconscious mind believes whatever story you feed it and that words, that you repeat over and over can be an emotional trigger from your past experiences too. Words that you feed your mind carry energy. Even though the spoken word is gone in a moment, the energy of words can linger indefinitely.

You can begin to create the shift required to change those unhelpful, old, unconscious thought patterns and get to where you want to be. It’s a subtle, but significant, shift and it will provide noticeable benefits to the way you feel about yourself and the life you are living.

Just for one day pretend that you have no memory of your past failures or hurts. Recreate yourself every day … a little bit like ground hog day and just be the person you want to be without the chain of the past.

Accept for just a moment that your current perceptions may not be accurate — that you might be wrong about yourself and the world. Today, pick one of these mind shifts that most resonates with you.

These concepts may not be new to you, but acting on them might be. Pick one and begin living it. See if your open mind will embrace it so that you can shift to a new level of consciousness, inner peace and happiness.

Let your faith be bigger than your fear …

How are you feeding your fear? We all have faith and fear to some degree, however, where it becomes a major stumbling block for most of us is when you fuel your fears more than you fuel your faith. The reality of fear is in your mind, it’s the meaning you give it. You are not afraid of heights, you are afraid of falling. You are not afraid of people around you, you are afraid of rejection.

Fear is normal … it’s what we do with it that counts.  When you feel the fear, face it head on, acknowledge it, and it’s essential to realise that we can’t run away from our fears forever. The more we push them away, the stronger they become, and in many cases, the more irrational they grow to be. Fears can get so out of control that they escalate into phobias, and that’s when they become seriously debilitating.

We all mask our fears with layers of reasons and excuses that conveniently explain ‘why’ we do what we do, or ‘why’ we are the way we are. Fears, too, can be deceiving. So, instead, fuel your fear with faith and watch it dissipate. What you give energy to will likely manifest … when you fuel your fear with faith, you will see yourself beyond your current circumstances and flirting with all of the possibilities for what could go right instead of paying attention to what could go wrong. Ignite a fire deep inside of you to help push through all of the discomfort you will experience along your journey. There is absolutely nothing positive that could come out of fuelling your fears rather than your faith.

Fall in love with the process more than the outcome …

There is not one incredibly successful entrepreneur, business executive or any other high achiever who has reached a level of greatness in their life … who didn’t love the process. So many people would rather focus on the desired outcome and destination instead of savouring the process that will get them to that destination.

It’s life’s greatest lessons that are usually learned from the worst mistakes, obstacles and challenges. This is the pathway to success that builds champions. You don’t just hire employees and expect to have a thriving organisation right from the get go. You don’t just come up with an idea one day and fall into fame and fortune. In all scenarios, a process is required.

The best of the best absolutely loves the process and journey no matter how difficult it may be at times, because they know that’s where the real value is at.

The growth, strength, perseverance and courage that is instilled in the greatest individuals in the world all came from savouring the process, not from the destination or end result. If you can learn to love the process, you will give yourself a competitive advantage in life and in business, that does a whole lot more than pay you monetarily.

So, shift away from looking to others to have the answers for you. Shift from doubting yourself and your judgments to trusting your intelligence, inklings, intuition, and wisdom. And once in a while, blow you own damn mind with a radical shift!!!