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The words you speak will become your reality.

Every word is a spell. That’s why it’s called ‘spelling’. Words cast spells.

All of our thoughts and words have their own frequency and vibration. We are magnets, which means that whatever frequency we send out, the Universe sends back to us.

This is how we create our own reality.

The words we use give us a strong clue about what is going on with our belief system and in our unconscious mind.

There is a lot of meaning behind and beneath the words and phrases we use.

Words are powerful vessels. They can inspire or destroy.

For example, just the other day I was having a conversation with someone about ‘the’ – not ‘my’ – fear of flying.

I was very conscious of the words that I selected as I was speaking about my experience and elaborating on a story.

It was not the ‘fear’ of flying but the ‘respect’ I had when flying. Can you see or feel the difference?

They both have a very different vibration.

When you use the word ‘my’, you own it. It’s yours.

But when you change the word to ‘the’, you can feel the difference. The word ‘the’ is external of you. You are pointing at it as if it weren’t yours at all.

Can you spot the distinction between the two?

Words become a lens which you see the world through

Yep. A hard pill to swallow. The words you speak become the house you dwell in.

Let’s take a look at a couple of other words out of my vocabulary.

Problem vs opportunity.

I know. This is a mindset shift. But, when you focus on the ‘problem’, you will have more problems. However, when you focus on the ‘opportunity’, you will have more opportunities.

Are you starting to pick up on what I am putting down?

The word ‘problem’ will keep you stuck. It is a moving away word. On the other hand, the word ‘opportunity’ is moving towards a solution.

This is why conscious language is so important.

I AM’. Two of the most powerful words. What you put after them shapes your reality. Whatever we plant in that deeper part of our unconscious mind – nurture, nourish and feed with repetition and emotion – we are in fact bringing it to life and into matter.

Yes. That is how powerful we are.

Learn not only words but about the words

We have to be more conscious, aware and strategic about the words we use. We also have to take full accountability and responsibility and own all of our words 100% as the communicator.

Word consciousness can be thought of as the metacognitive or metalinguistic knowledge that an individual brings to the task of word learning. Just as a musician can recognise when music is off-key, so can native speakers recognise when word use or syntax are unusual or out of whack.

This also applies to the way we choose to frame or reframe situations. Word choice can have a massive impact on how we perceive an event. It can determine our response or reaction, as well as how we process the event emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

For instance, instead of saying ‘I had a terrible experience’, what if we changed one word and say ‘I had an interesting experience’. Can you tell the difference?

The word terrible’ sounds so awful. However, the word interesting’ is alluring and thought provoking. It moves you into curiosity and delight.

As a result, even the most challenging experiences can become insightful learning opportunities.

It’s all in how we choose to frame, communicate and perceive them.

Words we speak are self-fulfilling prophecies

About a month ago, I was having a conversation with a friend who was locked in this belief that all of her relationships were doomed. She was never going to find a partner and she was very much in a stuck mindset that for the rest of her life others will break her heart.

Then, I shared one of my favourite quotes from Rumi:

It’s the meaning we give every situation and there is an opposite to all of our experiences. You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens.

How powerful is that?

Now, this is what is needed. A shift in mindset.

Instead of moping on the couch with a victim mentality, imagine what it would feel like if you were to use the breaking of heart as cracking your heart open to even more love.

This mindset shift extends to every area of your life. Career. Health. Finances. Friendships. You name it.

Will you move away from opportunities, or move towards them?

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