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We are about to wander through the labyrinth and demystify the archetypes that are a universal pattern of behaviours. Once discovered, they help individuals better understand themselves and others.

When we look back in history, all the most powerful ideas go back to archetypes. The four primary archetypes influence how we relate to material power, how we respond to authority and how we make choices. These archetypal energies are neutral. They also symbolise our major life challenges and how we choose to survive.

The four archetypes are the Child, the Martyr, the Saboteur and the Hustler. These four survival archetypes are programmed at an early age to keep us safe and small.

All are deeply involved in our most pressing challenges related to survival. They expose our different fears, vulnerabilities and concerns that we need to confront and work through.

The way that we respond, react and show up during challenging times will give us a hint on which one is more prominent, why we do what we do, and how we collaborate with others.

The light-hearted child loves to play

We all have an inner child. Every child has had a very different upbringing and a unique experience. Some have undergone abandonment, some trauma and some innocence. However, the adult that we are today with our mature inner child has a craving for fun, play and to be light-hearted about life.

The Child part of us doesn’t want all the seriousness of adult responsibilities. The inner child is very much dependent on others to make decisions for them and anything that has to do with serious choices.

These child-like individuals strive for safety, freedom, connection, nurture and loyalty. The Child can be too afraid to speak up in a group or make decisions, so they contract and hold back.

Being the Child that is heavily dependent on others, sometimes they have difficulty when it comes to responsibility. The lines are blurred. You can imagine how that shows up as an adult.

Martyrdom is only the beginning of personal boundaries

The Martyr is a great lesson that is letting you know that you are about to allow yourself to be victimised. This ally is always speaking through you. It’s a matter of listening to the signs. By allowing the victimisation to take place, you will identify that you feel angry for allowing it to take place. Thus, you will take it out on others for personal gain.

Playing the victim means you are blaming others for your circumstances or disadvantages. It means you are always sharing stories of how others take advantage of you. Ultimately, it’s only a pattern that is playing out.

Sometimes, this is how we receive attention. Being a victim is a common fear. It may have come from the very first time you didn’t get what you wanted or needed as a child. Or you may have been punished for something you didn’t do. You may have suppressed your outrage at the injustice because the victimiser was bigger and more powerful than you.

Therefore, as an adult, you may be afraid to stand up for yourself, or you may enjoy getting sympathy. The core issue of the Martyr is whether it’s worth giving up your own sense of empowerment to avoid taking responsibility for your independence.

Imagine how much you would achieve if you stopped sabotaging

The Saboteur may come across a little negative because it is associated with deception. However, we can learn so much when we become an observer and see how we are actually sabotaging ourselves.

The pattern of the Saboteur is to protect you. Yes, to protect you, because you only get in the way of you due to your past experiences. This ally may show up in any area of your life, career, relationships or even success.

Remember, this is only a pattern because of fear. Fear of loss, of control, of showing up and being seen or being hurt.

The Saboteur’s fears are all related to low self-esteem and self-worth. Consequently, it causes you to make choices that block your own empowerment and success.

Through it all, the Saboteur is calling out to you. It is seeking your attention to point out the areas in which you are getting in your way. Once you become aware of your Saboteur, you will hear and see the warnings loud and clear. Instead of being so destructive, you will stop repeating unwanted patterns that undermine you.

The trick is not to turn away or ignore it. You must lean into it. Face it. Make it your ally. Befriend it. Only then can you make sense of it.

Only cure for the struggle is to hustle

We can learn so much from the Hustler. This is when we exchange our soul to get what we want or have our needs met.

This ally engages lessons in negotiations of one’s integrity due to fears of physical survival or for financial gain. It activates the unconscious attitude that is related to control and persuasion. Here, you have the capability of buying and selling interests of others.

How this one shows up is that, for you to be accepted or approved, you sell out your ideas, give your talent away or allow others to take your precious time, but in exchange for something.

The lesson for this ally is to clarify our self-respect and self-esteem. We give ourselves away when we sell our ideas, compromise our integrity and financial gain. It clearly shows up in staying in a job or relationship that threatens our wellbeing for financial security.

Observe, learn and grow

Remember that we always have a choice on how we react and respond to our unconscious patterns. In other words, if you are the observer of your life, rather than being in it, blinded by unconscious behaviours, you can learn so much more about yourself.

As a result, you can grow.

For your own sake, practise being the observer of your life just for one day. Adopt a curious mindset, use your four trusted allies and have the intention of discovering and learning about you.

The more conscious you become about your unconscious patterns that are influencing your behaviours, the more likely that your choices and learnings will be empowering.