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To be truly conscious is to be present at all times.

Easier said than done, right?

We only use 5% of our conscious mind. The remaining 95% is our subconscious and unconscious mind.

To be conscious requires us to be the observer of our mind, to remain in our centre and turn our awareness away from the world around us and go within.

This means sitting with our thoughts, our mind, our feelings and our body. It requires effort and energy.

However, if we make it our priority for three days, this, my friend, is how we expand our consciousness.

The core of who we truly are sits in the centre of the unconscious mind, which has many, many walls. Just like an onion, it has an abundance of layers that we must peel away to get to the core of who we are.

The majority never achieve this in their lifetime.

But you can.

Awareness is the awakening of the soul

Now, I am going to share a technique on how to expand your consciousness.

Remember, if you do this for just three days straight, you will notice the difference in your energy and mood. You will feel this surge of inner peace and much more. No matter how far-fetched it sounds, give it a whirl and see how you go.

Let’s begin.

Pretend you are sitting in a cinema, in the first row, and you are being conscious of your thoughts. Visualise that first.

Turn your attention away from the movie and towards your thoughts. Expand your consciousness out of your seat, until you are sitting in the second row, right behind yourself, facing the back of your head.

Now, you are observing your awareness. Firstly, you are being aware of your thoughts. Secondly, you are being aware of your awareness.

In this second position, as you are observing your awareness, expand your consciousness even more, out of that seat, moving behind you again.

You are now sitting in the third row. As you look ahead, you can see yourself in the previous position – observing how you’re being aware of your thoughts and your awareness.

Now, in this third position, you are being aware solely of your awareness. You are observing not your thoughts, but the awareness itself.

If you can practice this as often as possible on a daily basis, what you are actually doing is unplugging from the matrix. This is everything around us. It is social media. The television. Those conversations that pull you out of your centre. The things that unfold outside your doorstep.

This visualisation exercise enables you to observe and develop your awareness.

And awareness is the awakening of the soul.

A vibrational shift into higher consciousness

In this place, only love exists.

When you are feeling anything else than that, like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt or shame, this is an indication that you are a skip, a jump and steps away from love.

The more you are plugged into the matrix, the further away you will be from your centre where we lose control of our emotions.

That’s why I always say: if you want to change the world, change your relationships, change your environment. First and foremost, it starts with changing yourself.

To change the world, all you need to do is bring more awareness, attention and consciousness.

Eckhart Tolle says that the awakening of consciousness is the next evolutionary step for mankind. Each time a new individual awakens to the universal truth, the whole of humanity rises a notch.

The world is awakening

Start paying attention and recognising the moment you unplug from the matrix.

As you are being the observer of your surroundings and not playing part of what is taking shape, you will start noticing the things that come into your hemisphere.

Imagine this. If you had a garden, would you let an intruder step in without your permission? Even more so, would you let anyone walk through your house without your approval?

Well, this applies to your surroundings, your field and your territory.

Most individuals walk through life reacting to everything around them unconsciously.

But once you unplug, you have a choice to say no to what does not serve you, to what may alter your state of mind and impact your emotions of love.

All states of mind are delusions

This is how the Zen masters think. Be of no-mind. When there is no mind, there is no problem.

The mind will continue to happen, just as the wind will continue to blow. But it will no longer have any effect upon you, as you will know yourself as its selfless witness – consciousness itself.

All the lower emotions that we spoke about – anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and shame – are keeping you bogged down.

When you are unplugged from the matrix, away from these negative vibrations, you will start to rise and transcend your consciousness into a mighty force to be reckoned with.

Queen of my own castle

I like to imagine that I am the Queen of my castle.

As I am sitting in my tower, I watch and observe the troops crossing the bridge. The troops can be news, gossip, thoughts or whatever you see as information coming towards you. Then, it is up to you if you allow these things to come into your mind.

This is the power of being the observer of everything around you.

Staying in your centre is staying in your tower. The moment you focus your efforts external of you, this is you being plugged into the matrix and out of your centre.

Becoming more aware of everything in your life is to engage with your consciousness. That 5% of the mind that we don’t invest enough time and energy into because we are gallivanting 95% of the time with an autopilot mind.

Only from this place will you comprehend that there is a higher level of consciousness that is linked to unconditional love and bliss.