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If only you could be led by your dreams and not hindered by your problems to bring back the passion in the life that you want to live…

It’s time for you to examine your current life and go through the process to identify what you have been spending your time and energy on. Where is your focus? Are you focusing on what you don’t like in your life?

This process will take you through a journey where you deep dive into your unconscious habits, to seek and discover whether your focus is aligned with your dreams or not.

A quick question – and be honest with yourself – do you live the life you love? If your answer is no: why not?

It’s okay if your answer was no; most individuals that I work with say no and the reason being is that they have no vision or have no desire to do something grander with their life. However, if you are not living a life that you love, most probably you will have no desire, dreams or passion in the life you are living. Right?

It’s time to wake up and not walk through life with your eyes closed. There is a process to uncovering the life you love to live. All it takes is commitment, perseverance and patience.

First you have to make the decision that you want to get more out of life and your commitment to work through this process. Your daily actions may take some effort initially, as you are creating something new and most probably thinking of something you have never thought about. Don’t be disheartened if you find you are taking two steps back to move one step forward; have the courage and fortitude to keep going. It only takes twenty-one days.

Twenty-one day process

There is scientific evidence that it only takes twenty-one days to create new neural pathways in your brain to create a new habit. Twenty-one consecutive days.

For instance, if you start your process and you get to day sixteen and you miss one day (day seventeen), you can not continue to day eighteen, you have to start all over again… Yes… all over again.

The closer you get to your outcome, the more satisfaction you will experience. Once you have finally completed this process you will know exactly what you want to do to live the life you love.

Create a vision

The very first thing you need to connect with right now before you go any further is write down exactly what you want your life to look like at the end of this process; be very specific in what area of your life.

For example – you may want to be more creative at work, which in turn will make you happier and more motivated. Once you are clear of exactly what you want, make a list of emotions you want to elicit in your vision to give it more clarity.

A powerful way to assist you with your concentration and focus is to create a vision board on your specific life vision. You see, the unconscious mind speaks the language of pictures and is fuelled by emotion. This is key to your success. Make the ‘law of attraction’ work with you. It doesn’t take long. Start surfing the internet and find pictures that are associated with your vision.

Change your mindset

Long before affirmations there were autosuggestions, which are self-positive suggestions to change your mindset. By changing your mindset, you will automatically begin to attract the greatest results in you living the life you love.

For instance, if you are still working on being more creative at work, what words come to mind when you think about being innovative and creative? Then, with those words, how do you connect with those emotions that you have elicited?

The unconscious mind receives two million bits of information through your five senses every second. Out of those two million bits of information, depending on what you focus on, you only capture 22 bits at any one time.

Hence why this process is important for your success. How you see the world around you is what you will create for yourself. In turn this will be who you are, what you believe in and how you behave.

When writing your autosuggestion to be aligned with your vision it must be:

  • A positive statement – no negative words
  • Written in the first person – ‘I am’
  • Aligned with your elicited emotion/s

Power of daily routine

The final bit to complete your process is repetition. Repetition is powerful. Brain research indicates that repetition is of vital importance in the learning process. The more you repeat your autosuggestion, focus on your vision board and elicit those emotions to heighten your experience, the quicker you will live the life that you love.

Commit to do this for twenty-one days consecutively. Don’t stop there; once you have created one piece of your life, continue with this process and think of another vision. Pick another area of your life.

The quickest way to living a life you love is through learning to love the life you live. Life is about creating yourself.