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Working with Women


Working with Women to create a work life balance through coaching and group sessions, creating the space for women to connect and support one another through change.Research tells us that the female brain has a larger pre-frontal lobe which is responsible for problem solving and decision making; and that the limbic cortices is larger in a female brain which makes her more intuitive, sensitive and emotional. The corpus callosum in the female brain is 10% thicker with 30% more connections, hence why a woman can multitask.

Statistics show us that working Women still bear the brunt of the work at home, devoting on average of 28 hours a week to washing, cooking, lunches, carpools, solving family problems and decision making. Being a woman does not mean being a woman that does it all… Rather than have these unrealistic expectations as a woman, it is time to pause, acknowledge your individual strength and start to nurture the female in YOU.

Women biologically need to nurture, yet Women tend to exclude themselves and then be more prone to emotional stress because of the sensitivity hormone sending their emotions into a whirlwind. But…if women were to nurture their needs, happiness is what they would experience; a woman has more serotonin receptors, which is very related to happy moods.

Working with Women sessions help the women to get in touch with their inner emotions, their inner desires to empower and motivate, feeling renewed and energised.

The purpose of Working with Women is to empower women to realise their purpose, power and potential through workshops and topics such as:

• Stress management
• Emotional Healing
• Working and single mums
• Conscious co-creation
• Women Entrepreneurs
• Work life balance
• Mindfulness
• Moving through your fears
• Changing your limiting beliefs
• Forgiveness
• Creating balance
• Building confidence and styling
• Returning to work after maternity
• Meditation programs and retreats.

Strong Creative Women – The emerging woman will be strong-minded, strong-hearted, strong souled, and strong-bodied…

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