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Working with Teenagers



Teenagers moving into adulthood, during the age of 13 to 21 they develop different values, for example from the age of 8 to 13, they go through a modeling period, this is where they copy people, rather than accept who they truly are, they try on other peoples values for size to see how they feel. Quite often the people they model are the people they look up to or admire,which may be a parent, family member, teacher or friend. This is why quite often they want to have the same pair of shoes and the same brand of jeans as their best friend.

Then they move into the socialization period, from the age of 14 to 21, this is where their peers largely influence them, they naturally aggregate towards like-minded people and form groups. As they develop as individuals, they rebel from their earlier programs (family) or core values and turn to people outside of their family who seem more like them. Other influences at this age include media, especially if it is aligned with their peer group values.

At this age they develop relationships and social values, this is why it is important to coach teenagers to be an individual, to help them find their way and to understand what matters to them the most.

With the understanding that the prefrontal cortex which is the executive part of the brain, isn’t fully developed until the age of 25, this is the part of the brain that assists with:

• Focusing
• Problem solving
• Social behavior
• Planning for the future
• Forming strategies
• Impulse control
• Control of intense emotions
• Inhibiting inappropriate behavior
• Initiating appropriate behavior

We can help our teenagers with the tools they need to get the results required with research, analysis, personal and professional development, training, visioning, creative thinking and more is used in coaching to deliver optimum impact and value.


Life Coaching encourages and inspires teenagers to learn more about themselves, their choices and their goals, to discover their life purpose. Life as a teenager can be challenging at times, they can become discontented, feel pressured, get overwhelmed, lack confidence or feel stuck. Life coaching assists teenagers in the area of personal empowerment, emotional intelligence, self-esteem and self-awareness.


Career Coaching inspires teenagers to learn more about themselves, their aspirations and to connect with their internal power, to unlock their hidden potentials, to magnetise themselves to success. Every teenager has key strengths that are aligned with his or her potential career. It is a matter of discovering it, focusing and sharpening it to explore the range of possibilities.


Leadership coaching for teenagers inspires them to tap into that leader within them, to inspire, to motivate, to communicate effectively, to tap into their creativity, to be unique and to have the courage to be different, to make plans with confidence and lead by example.

Leadership coaching magnifies individuals potential by assisting them to discover their values, strengths, talents and development areas. Leadership coaching provides greater focus, personal growth and awareness of choice while creating space for an individual to take a deeper look in order to move forward with lasting results.

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