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Step into your power and potential – become the leader you want to be, and create a culture that enables others to do the same.

Leadership is changing…

In today’s highly competitive business environment, traditional workplace structures are changing – people work remotely, electronic communication means that we can send emails and texts without actually having to ‘talk’ to each other.

Strategic planning requires flexibility and nimble thinking because business moves at a rapid pace, and there are threats and opportunities everywhere. We have a multi-generational workforce with very different experiences, wants, needs and ideals. And it’s true that often Gen X-ers just don’t fully understand ‘Millennials’. Clients are no longer necessarily die-hard loyal. Customers expect businesses to be ethical and sustainable, and will be vocal in their praise and criticism. Social media has made companies more accountable to their communities, and there’s a lot more competition in the market place. It’s no longer just local. It’s global.

So how do you create a collaborative team that’s motivated, inspired, passionate and productive in amongst all of these competing requirements?

In a nutshell ‘trust’ and ‘cooperation’ is the currency to any business…

More than ever before, culture is critical. Because it is the strength of your workplace culture that will navigate you through every probability and possibility the business will encounter.

And that starts with leadership.

Culture is the shadow of the leader…

As a leader, what kind of culture are you creating?

Market leaders win by building an adaptive, innovative, friendly and collaborative organisations, establishing an inspiring culture and empowering team members.

When there is no hierarchy in a culture, everyone is responsible for outcomes. When a leader is able to ‘inspire’ rather than ‘supervise’ this empowers team members to take charge, to help them make decisions and feel responsible for the company’s success.

In this kind of culture there is a lot more flexibility, resilience and a lot more leaders listening to one another – where they actually feel heard and have a voice, and can significantly affect productivity and outcomes. We all want to feel respected and valued, and when we are, we are inspired. When we are inspired, we feel confident to contribute and take initiative. We feel inclined to work together, to ‘lean-in’ and ‘pitch-in’ and then an organisation can thrive.

Creating great leaders…

We all have the capability to be leaders. But like most skills, our leadership is something that benefits from coaching, in order for us to be the best we can be.

Because leadership and culture go hand-in hand, Catherine Plano’s leadership programs are aimed to help leaders to create great cultures. We help leaders to understand how to inspire others, to drive change and increase engagement, to create workplaces that are underpinned by collaboration and co-operation. To step back, and let others ‘step up’.

Our leadership programmes focus on developing the leader’s self-awareness, on having the right conversations to drive cultural engagement, to create enduring cultural change, to develop high performing teams and to boost innovation, enabling others to think creatively within the business framework, and encouraging ideas and meaningful participation in the company vision by everyone within the company.

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