Women in Leadership

Women in leadership face unique challenges. Many are juggling a myriad of responsibilities along with their careers, and they are more in danger of suffering burnout than men. Many women are also working in traditionally male dominated arenas where competition and sometimes even intimidation amongst peers, is seen as the only pathway to the top.

Women are also wired differently and motivated differently, but they have huge value to bring to any organisation. The ‘old way’ of doing business has not really supported women who leave the workforce and have children. As a result, at this juncture, many, eager to put their skills and experience to good use have created their own thriving businesses. Look at the rise of the ‘Mumpreneur’.

Many organisations could use women with this kind of drive and determination, women simply need the opportunity to tap into it.

Catherine Plano’s ‘Women in Leadership’ program is different…

At its core, it recognises that many women are their own worst enemies! …Yes, that little nagging voice that continually seeks validation from others and sometimes fills you with self-doubt. The simple fact is that all the learning and coaching in the world won’t make a woman an influential leader if deep down she doesn’t believe she can do it, or she’s distracted and guilty that her career doesn’t support her other life goals.

So, our leadership programme centres on helping women first and foremost, to create strong connections with their own values and beliefs, and to seek roles which match.

We also help women to understand their unique strengths and opportunities, to prioritise and delegate, to reframe their internal dialogues, to embrace their inherent ‘feminine’ qualities and to understand the power of mindfulness. Mindfulness is the magic that helps us to not just ‘cope’ with the demands of work/life responsibilities when we’re busy, but to thrive in amongst them. Mindfulness is critical to creating resilience, and to getting more enjoyment out of life.

Our women in leadership program helps women to find their own personal superpower, activate their communication style and influence with purpose.

About Catherine Plano’s Leadership programs…

These can be delivered as workplace workshops or online learning, at your own pace, in your own time.

Catherine is also available for personal leadership coaching one-on-one.

For details about our next Women in Leadership program, contact us.

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